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Helene Hokland, Hagebyveien 84, Harstad, Norway
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Ellida is a business based in the beautiful Arctic erea of Northern Norway. We do events, Arctic tours and marketing! Ellida gives you big experiences and quality,
where the real and personal are key ingredients.

We offer event organising, Arctic tours and marketing.

Why not set your conference, seminar, kick-off or workshop in the beautiful Arctic area of Northern Norway? The inspiring nature is the perfect backdrop for any event. Or why not join one of our guided Arctic tours where you get a personal introduction to this remote part of the world. We are also experienced in marketing so we can help you out there too :-)

The founder of the company, Helene Hokland, has grown up in the local area and lived in London almost all her grown up life where she got plenty of experience within co-ordinating and promoting cultural events for example for the Institute of Contemporary Arts and the Design and Copyright Society. She has a bachelor degree in Drama & Theatre Arts from Goldsmith's College, and a bachelor in Business and Management Studies from Harstad University College.

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Northern Norway:
Imagine experiencing the northern lights or midnight sun! Not everyone who visit the Arctic are lucky to experience these natural phenomenas, but you can always experience the special light here, the amazing mountains and fjords, the dramatic weather and a rich and interesting culture and history that goes thousands of years back in time.

Due to the warm, powerful and swift Atlantic drift, the Golf Stream, hitting the shores of Northern Norway, this is the only place in the world where you can experience the Arctic nature and light phenonema in comfortable temperatures. Around -2 degrees celsius in the winter and around 12+ degrees celsius in the summer makes it possible to enjoy the stunning Arctic in civilised conditions!



– Opplever økning

Ellida leverte markedsføringen av ILIOSfestivalen 2016. Besøket på åpningskonerten økte med 300% fra fjoråret, og flere arrangement var utsolgt - generelt en god økning i besøket! Her er en fornøyd festival-leder:

Samisk Aften // Kinomatisk

Ellida er produsent av film- og matkonseptet KinOmatisk. Sesongens første arrangement, Samisk Aften, går av stabelen på onsdag 3. februar, kl 19.00 på Harstad Kulturhus. Det blir dokumentar, joik, prisbelønnet mat og samtale med Bård Borch Michalsen, regissør Ellen-Astri Lundby og joiker Ulla Pirttijärvi.

Samisk Aften // Kinomatisk


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