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Den Dolech 2, Eindhoven, Netherlands
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Smart cars will help to make clean driving and fewer traffic jams a reality. In order to design a car like a computer on wheels, a new type of education is required. Welcome on this page for current, former and prospective students of the bachelor, master and PDEng programs on  Automotive.



Het spande er nog even om: zouden de auto en vooral de accu van Solar Team Eindhoven op tijd in Australië arriveren? Inmiddels is het studententeam met zonneauto Stella Vie volledig klaar voor de start. Zaterdag 7 oktober begint de World Solar Challenge. Wil jij weten hoe dat gaat? Kijk dan op zaterdag naar de eerste aflevering van Oranje Boven, Down Under, zaterdag 7 oktober om 17.49 uur op NPO 1.

We are very pleased to announce that we have reached a milestone at this year's intake, 100 new Bachelor Automotive students!! And what makes it even more special is that 19 of them are from Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, India, Iran and Japan.

By now, you must have heard of Team FAST. Earlier this month, they presented the world's first formic acid-fuelled bus. But how does this work, a bus on formic acid? Reuters visited the team and made this video to explain it all to you...

Wie wil dat nu niet...? Als masterstudent Automotive Technology stage lopen bij AUDI AG in Duitsland. Hielke Wils doet het gewoon en vertelt er je alles over in Cursor TU Eindhoven.

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