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Mekelweg 4, Delft, Netherlands



EESTEC LC Delft is a Local Committee of the EESTEC organisation. This page is intended for members of LC Delft and other EESTEC members who are interested. As stated on the website:

Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association is an apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit organization which targets and trains through it’s activities students from electrical profile Universities, Institutes and Technical Schools in Europe. The association was founded in The Netherlands, in 1986. Nowadays, EESTEC is present in 28 countries and 53 universities across Europe with over 6000 members of whom 3000 are currently active, and indirectly, EESTEC is addressing all students in the faculties that EESTEC exists.

EESTEC’s main goal is to promote, establish and develop international contacts and an exchange of ideas between students in electrical profile faculties. The activity of this organization relies on the skills, enthusiasm, openness and will of involvement of its members, also pursuing their professional development , the improvement of their technical knowledge and reaching their full potential. Moreover, students from all over Europe meet and respect their differences and their cultures and this empowered variety results in a friendly international environment and creates awareness for a common European identity.

Our vision lies in uniting electrical engineering and computer science students all over Europe in order to reach their full potential in academic and social life.

Mission of EESTEC:

We are a network of Local Committees spread in the universities all over Europe

We are the connecting link between universities and industry

We organize academic and leisure events

We dedicate our time, energy and experience to do volunteer activities

We support and promote technical performance

We promote diversity among European cultures

We encourage personal development strategies and aim at reaching high technical and soft skills

We build alliances with organizations and institutions with similar missions and vision

We make future leaders

We promote team spirit and team work

We provide education complementary to that offered in universities to students willing to broaden their horizons and put their skills into practice. EESTEC wishes to facilitate the communication between the academic and the economic environment. We offer the students a handful of opportunities to build their desired career. We promote students that have technical knowledge as well as knowledge that will make them suited for today’s demands. In this way we also address companies easing their contact with young men and women with various skills, ready to integrate in the environment they will be active in as future specialists.

By combining the EESTEC Spirit with the general profile of an EESTECer, we can present our values like this:

We are a non-political, non-profitable, voluntary based, non-governmental European organisation by/for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students.