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Molenbaan 19, Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands
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TQC are developers and producters of Laboratory- and field test equipment for the paint and coating industry. Founded in 1977 TQC Thermimport Quality Control started with the supply of test methods and instruments for thermal applications in the general industries. During the years we developed a specialisation in quality control equipment for the surface finishing and protective coating industry.

Our product range has developed into a broad and complete line of test-equipment and measuring instruments with the accent on coating and finishing related applications. Our goal is to find or create and offer solutions for every possible QC-application in the paint and coatings industry.

Based upon customers requests and signals picked up by our sales team our engineering department develops the unique TQC products which are offered worldwide under the TQC label. TQC products are know for their ergonomic features and user friendliness.

In order to complete our range we work closely together with renowned manufacturers from all over the world.



The industry is anxiously searching for better and environmental friendly batteries. Thin film technology plays and important role in this research. Automatic film applicators are used by these laboratories to apply thin films such as electrolyte of thin metal sheets. Take a look at TQC's newest Automatic Film Applicator:

Perception is not only determined by the color. Differences in gloss still gives a different look. Avoid gloss differences and create the most beautiful kitchens!

Meet our Product Advisor Charlotte!

Paint research & development laboratories use film applicators to produce consistent test-charts for research after different formulations. Parameters such as opacity, spreading rate , colour and hiding power etc. needs to evaluated at controlled film thickness.

Meet our Mechanical Engineer Ed!

The TQC Moisture Determination Balance is an analytical balance equipped with drying chamber and halogen lamps. The moisture content is determined automatically by calculating the loss of weight during drying. The balance is equipped with a RS232 interface. Compact, simple, accurate and fast.

Meet our Export Sales Executive Esther! Working at TQC since 1997.

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PowderTAG measures powder coating thickness before and after cure, non-contact and non-destructive. A sophisticated combination of specific powder-, infrared- and photo-thermal techniques measures the thickness of powder coatings in pre-cured and cured status, precise and reproducible.

Maak kennis met onze nieuwe Product Adviseur, Frans. Hij zal vanaf heden ons Sales Benelux team versterken!

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