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Ken Loftus Counselling MIACP

South Dublin/North Wicklow, Wicklow, Ireland
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CBT, Mindfulness and Integrative Psychotherapy  Counselling, Psychotherapy, CBT and Clinical Hypnotherapy are therapeutic tools to help us through our every day lives.
Ken has been working with young people and adults in therapeutic settings for over 12 years. In that time Ken has gathered skills in counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, psychoanalysis and clinical hypnotherapy, and combines them now to offer the most to his clients.
Many therapists in the above disciplines can richly help a person in need, but as we are all individuals, the help needs to be unique also for the client. Being able to offer a wide range of therapies to a client allows our unique self to grow in a healthy and safe way.

Ken’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Psychoanalysis was obtained through DBS School of Arts, graduating in 2004. After returning from travelling, Ken worked in the ISPCC as a national supervisor with Childline. In Childline Ken trained volunteers in Dublin, Waterford and Galway in Active Listening skills, as well as Confidentiality, Children’s First and Child Protection. Ken then moved to Residential Care work, working more one to one with young people in crises situations. During his time in this area, he trained for his Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the Irish Hypnotherapist Association, and then the following year started his Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy with the IICP (Irish Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy) while working as a Social Care Leader. Ken now sees clients around the Wicklow and Dublin area while working part time as a therapist in Pieta House, a suicide and self-harm intervention centre, in Lucan, Co. Dublin.

Ken is a fully accredited member of the IACP


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My second last work week finishes today in Ireland. After next week I fly to Brisbane, Australia to start the Healthy Mind Centre, where I'll focus on workshops, teaching, one to one and beyond!! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that I worked with who enriched my professional and personal road. If you're in Oz, look me up!

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Instagram photo by Ken Loftus • Jan 1, 2017 at 9:53am UTC

Have a safe festive time everyone! Make the holidays your own and keep an eye on those pesky expectations and take a nice deep breath if events are getting a bit too heavy

We'll see a lot of Get Fit for 2017 posts popping up soon... but don't forget the brain that drives your body!! Spaces for our Healthy Mind Workshop still available on Saturday January 28th in the Hotspot, Greystones! Vouchers and full tickets available for presents!

Healthy Mind Workshop

Our interactive Healthy Mind Workshop brings together Therapeutic Mindfulness and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Ken's 15 years experience working with Mental Health with adults and teenagers. Participants will experience several levels of Mindfulness techniques that they will be able to take away with them, while also learning new coping mechanisms and tools for Anxiey, low moods and our other emotions and ways of thinking and seeing situations in our lives.

Healthy Mind Workshop

Just in time for Christmas!! If you're wondering what to get that person in your life that always seems on the GO then get them a ticket or voucher towards January's Healthy Mind Workshop! They can learn some excellent tools for taking a breath during their hectic days and learn different perspectives on how they think and feel. It will be an interactive workshop combining CBT, Mindfulness and experience from over 15 years working in the Mental health area. Participants will learn via psycho-education; tools and coping mechanisms for every day life. This workshop will also focus a lot on Anxiety and parts of Depression as January for many can be a difficult time. Saturday, January 28th 10:00 am until 4:30 pm The Hot Spot at Greystones Harbour, Please Private Message for booking details. #mindfulness #cbt #mentalhealth #christmas #newyear #workshop #healthymind

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Our brains have been evolving for hundreds of thousands of years... and we still have such animal instincts for survival and deep fear of being judged and "kicked from the tribe". The last 100 years of western society (especially the last 20 years) has thrown so much information at our brains that I believe it is creating more and more psychological issues daily for us all. The sentiment in the picture sums this up perfectly. Find the wisdom to monitor the information highway that is in our hands daily to help your brain catch up a little bit ;)

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Such a great crowd at my last Workshop on Saturday! And they all gave really kind feedback. We will be setting up our next one soon!

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Free parking here today for anyone attending the workshop! On Trafalgar road opposite Greystones Clinic

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