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A very interesting article from The Irish Times on the benefits of rock climbing. There was so much rock climbing on last weeks summer camp and all of the children felt it was one of the highlights of the week. From the sea shore rock faces to Dalkey Quarry there was a rock to suit everyone!!

The first Greystones Summer Camp was full of fun, adventure and friendships!!

The Greystones Adventure Club takes picking up litter very seriously, but we make it so much fun that all of the participants think its the best thing ever!! We are so glad we are not alone and small little efforts make all the difference. Delighted to do a 2 minute beach clean for clean coasts today at south beach with our summer campers 😍😇

We are really looking forward to our first of many camps coming up this coming Tuesday. If anyone would like to come on a day camp please email us for more information. Look out for updates regarding future weeks around school holidays and also our weekly Adventure Club meetings will be announced soon!!

Greystones is the perfect place to Adventure! Did you know this beautiful town gets its name from the Cambrian rocks that were laid down 500million years ago!! They are visible along the sea front and have a lot of fascinating geological features.

Looking forward to having lots of beach adventures with our Greystones Adventure Club summer camp from August 1st to 5th. Education that is built into adventure play and meeting new friends along the way!!

A summer camp tailor made for 6-10year olds who want to explore, learn local knowledge, and view their local habitat in a new light!! We have put together this camp to entertain as well as educate in a kenestitc, exploritory and fun way through natural play and adventure sporting activity. Children will experience mindfulness techniques and explore their individual skills as well as having a FUN filled day in the beautiful town of Greystones. Limited to 12 participants with a ratio of 1:6. Sinead Pollock Orr and Claire Lewis are experienced in all areas of outdoor education & first aid and are fully insured, vetted. Email or call to find out more.

Sinead Pollock Orr is an amazing and experienced outdoor educator who no only has founded the Greystones Adventure Club but also had a busy few months setting up Headspace Adventures with David Coleman. Wishing them both the best in this exciting venture!

Woodland foraging is a great skill. Here is a picture of Wood Sorrel, it tastes like a mix between gooseberry and crab apple.

This is a Kelly Kettle a very nifty Irish invention, that quickly boils water. Once children are taught how to safely use the Kelly Kettle they really enjoy adding fuel through the chimney. We also cook using the stove attachment to the base of the kettle and it makes cooking outdoors very easy. Using our Leave No Trace Ireland outdoor ethics we always use a mound fire or stone surface to contain the fire and reduce the impact on the soil. — Products shown: Kelly Kettle.


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