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Darleeka Dachshunds

Roundwood, Wicklow, Ireland
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FROM OUR LOVING FAMILY TO YOURS �PAGE FOR OWNERS AND FANS OF DARLEEKA DACHSHUNDS :-D FEEL FREE TO POST PICS AND STORIES. <3 ALL DAXIE LOVERS WELCOME!!  Darleeka Dachshunds is in its 12th year producing beautiful, gentle cream long-haired miniature dachshunds as family pets to be spoiled and cherished. Homes are carefully etted and we stay in touch with our puppies new families for regular updates.


Only thing to do in this weather 😍

** update** after getting expert advice this little man IS cream 😁 Day 14 and eyes are opening!! It also looks like we have another rare colour.. turns out this boy is dilute chocolate as his daddy carries one chocolate gene. 😁😍

Guess what arrived 1wk ago from Floki and Ice... both from Zuzana Kinská in the Czech Republic 😍😍💜

True love... just wish Brockagh wouldn't "trim" the girls he loves. 🤣

Some days you just need some "me" time 😁😁😁😍

Would love to see all your latest Darleeka baby update pics, just post below so we can all coo over them 😍 and anyone that hasnt done so yet, id love to hear what you think of us as breeders if you havent done so yet. 😘

Heres a pic of Amy's baby Flora.... tried cleaning her teeth with the fire brush... Flora, not Amy 🤣 hence the Sooty/Sweep look! 😁😂😍

Bear’s mammy took this today; who says dogs can’t smile? So very proud of all my Darleeka babies. 😍😍😍😍

Great idea!

How cute does baby Bear look while out and about! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Doing some research today and came across this .... and I thought meat meal was a good thing because it was ACTUAL meat! 😳😳 {Not to be gross about it, but pet foods contain “meat meal”, meaning it may also contain the bodies of euthanized pets.}


NEAR Darleeka Dachshunds