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Patrick's Paw Pal's

Ozanam Street, Waterford, Ireland
Pet Groomer



complete dog grooming and personal pet styling service in a stress free dog friendly environment  


Attending groom pro Ireland learning new techniques and tips from some of the leading names in the grooming industry

The salon is closed tomorrow as it’s my birthday and I’m off to dublin for a grooming conference ,so i won’t be able to answer calls tomorrow but will be back to normal Monday enjoy your weekend everyone ❤️

The handsome ted was in for his first groom and did very well for an older boy ❤️🐶

Killer was in today for her regular groom ❤️ 🐶... couple of appointments available for next week

The handsome Ted, in for his usual styling today ❤️❤️

🌼SALON SOCIALIZATION 🌼 🐶It is essential for puppies to be brought in to a groomer as young as possible(recommend from as early as 12 weeks and fully vaccinated), so that they can get used to being away from their usual routine and owner for short periods of time aswell as getting used to the whole grooming process and noises, equiptment that come with it. 🐶puppies will have play time first so that they have time to relax and get to know me. Then proceed on to table training and handling, bath and dry , some light trimming around the bum, feet and face and finishing with nail clip and cologne, using positive force free handling, gentle reassurance and yummy treats to make the whole process a good experience. we then have more play time while waiting to go home. All puppies are different some may need 1 socialization session others may need a second or third session which will run weekly. Sessions start at 25 euros and upwards depending on breed size and coat condition. Discount is given if booking a block of 5 sessions. Here is Betty who had her first session and did great, her owner has her in amazing condition.

Brandy dropped in for a wash and tidy today and his owner does an amazing job keeping his coat in top condition... after the weather we have had it’s important to keep up regular grooming sessions if you want to keep your fur friend in a longer style and to avoid uncomfortable matting. ❤️

Jack and Jill looking fresh after their usual de-shedding and tidy session

The adorable buddy ❤️his little face

Hey guys we will be open for business as usual from Tuesday onwards , just a quick reminder that we are now in a new premises on Ozanam Street across from the mercy primary school. 😊


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