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NCBI Retail Portarlington

Main Street, Portarlington, Ireland
Nonprofit Organization



NCBI is the national sight loss charity and provides practical and emotional support, rehabilitation services and other training to help people with sight loss to live independently. Demand for our services increases each year as our population ages. There are currently 224,000 people with impaired vision in Ireland and this will rise to 276,000 by 2020. About 95 per cent of people using our services have some remaining vision, while only 5 per cent are completely blind.

We must raise €4 out of every €10 spent on services and NCBI Retail provides vital income to ensure that we can continue to offer life-changing support and services.

We’ve created this Facebook page to let you know what’s happening in NCBI Retail, share our fantastic offers, give you a chance to provide us with feedback and comments, and connect you with our organisation and others.

We welcome your comments, praise, encouragement, criticism and complaints.

We do have a few simple rules that we’ll apply out of respect for other NCBI Retail Facebook fans and others who might be mentioned on our Facebook page.

Be respectful of your fellow Facebook fans, even if you disagree with them.

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