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Trinity Beauty Ireland

Unit 2A, First Floor, Block A, The Courtyard Shopping Centre, Newbridge, Ireland



Main distributor of Trinity Beauty by Tom Holcomb in Ireland. If you’ve followed the nail competition circuit you’ll know that Tom Holcomb is considered one of the greats, the “Godfather” of nails.  He blazed through a trail of hundreds and hundreds of events with multiple impressive wins in his lifetime, and taught and inspired many to reach new levels of creativity in their work.

Holcomb was a 10-time World Champion, 5-time Japan Master, and 2-time International Champion in both Munich and Dusseldorf. He was the Creative Director of EzFlow, and later went on to co-found Entity Beauty.

Tom Holcomb’s 26 year history brief:
World Champion 10x
World Cup 5x
More than 500 nail competitions
Founder and educator for many different products (EZ Flow, Entity) and innovations in the nail industry

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