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BiteSize Café Bakery

Unit 6 Midleton Enterprise Centre, Owenacurra Business Park, Midleton, Ireland
Food & Beverage



We bake delicious treats and serve them in our cafés in Midleton and Ballincollig:  We bake wondrous cakes, pastries, tarts and other treats, and serve them in our friendly cafés in Midleton and Ballincollig. You'll find fabulous coffees and teas too. We're at Mahon Point Farmers' Market on Thursday mornings and Midleton Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings.


We always get a little nervous when we send our newsletter out into the world. We have a monkey who does it for us. Want a first peek at our St Patrick's Day video? Sign up for the newsletter on our website:

If you're in the cafe, drop your name and number in the jar, and you and the family might be munching through this monster egg in a few weeks' time.

There are always Mondays left over. Nobody wants them for some reason...

But I'll know one when I see one.

Rare sighting of a flock of gingerbread men flying north in the spring.

One breathes fire; the other doesn't.

Babies are terrifying. Have you *seen* what comes out of them?

Our tub of butter is bigger than yours. Probably.

Taking coffee art to the extreme.

There is no lighter side to coffee. It's serious, dark stuff.


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