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Fiona Egan Cloughan Farm & Cookery School

Cloughan, Abbeyshrule, Co. Longford, Longford, Ireland
Cooking School



Fun,Hands on & demo cookery classes for both adult & kids.Classes to suit all tastes and abilities. At Cloughan Farm, we are very proud of our reputation that we have earned over the years for excellent quality in all our home baking & catering . With emphasis on fresh salads, homemade soups,lunches,breads,cakes and of course mouth watering desserts. Our food is not overly complicated, it’s just pure & honest, handmade with passion and great attention to detail.                                                                                      Following on from our great success,we are delighted to announce the opening of our cookery school here at Cloughan Farm where we offer a range of relaxed and fun courses for food lovers of all abilities. We have classes for both adult and Children which will range from half day to full day hands on,and demos running at both evening and morning times.                 At  our home here on Cloughan Farm, our  kitchen enjoys  freshly laid eggs each day from our own lovely ladies to make delightfully light  sponge cakes and delicious  desserts. Wonderful Seasonal vegetables and fruits throughout the year both from my father’s garden in Glanmore and our own garden and hedge rows here on Cloughan Farm,all go into making  delicious  tarts,jams & Chutneys.Our moist,succulent and full of flavour Grass feed beef &lamb, free range pork & turkeys is all hand reared and produced for the table by my husband Michael.

      How our food is produced is just as important  to me as what we eat. Supporting local producers is the success for local committees. Remember if you don’t us them you loss them. For more information or to making a booking call Fiona on 087-1457741



Great fun this morning decorating our gingerbread houses along with my very true & old school friend, back in my homeland kitchen of Glanmore where all my cooking and baking all began using the recipe from my mothers favourite chefs cook book, @nevenmaguire perfect Irish Christmas.. And all the more special sitting by my father, Eamons side as he steered me with his wonderful engineering eye & head.... . #ChristmasIsComing #ChildhoodMemories #MammysKitchen #TrueFriends #SchoolFriends #GingerBreadHouse Macnean House and Restaurant #Keenagh, #Longford

Ahh, the first new born lamb of the season at Cloughan Farm .. . #LambSeason2018 #OnTheFarm #IrishLamb #IrishFood #IrishAgriculture #Abbeyshrule #Longford

Ladies ye'r moving out, we could be looking at 50 million plus here 😅 #RoomToImprove #DermotBannon when can you start

Not wanting to leave a mark on this beautiful blanket of stillness and peace across Cloughan Farm this morning . . #SnowIsFalling #UntouchedLandscape #BlankedOfSnow #OnTheFarm #Abbeyshrule #Longford #CookerySchool #BeautifulFreshAir

Camouflaged ladies this morning at Cloughan Farm 😅 Don't think its going to work .

Good advice to all...

Christmas cake decorating 🎄Call 087-1457741 to book

Will go with everything and anything 😆 . #PickledBeetroot #Proserving #GIY #CookerySchoolKitchenGarden #PlotToPot #LocalFood #Seasonl #EdibleGifts #CookerySchool #CookeryClasses #Abbeyshrule #Longford

Christmas pudding, cake and pickling 😆 . #ChristmasBaking #ChristmasGettingStarted #EdibleGifts #CookerySchool #Abbeyshrule #Longford @ Fiona Egan Cloughan Farm & Cookery School

Breakie time

. Salmon with Tamarind Sauce & noodle salad ...Delicious lunch . . #Salmon #SundayLunch #TamarindSauce #Abbeyshrule #CookerySchool #CookeryClasses #Longford

Alpacas make brilliant security guards for turkeys but also in lambing season .


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