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Deirdre's Beauty Studio

55 Dublin Street, Longford, Ireland
Beauty Salon



We have friendly and fully qualified staff who will be delighted to answer your queries about any of the treatments in our salon.  All treatments and consultations are strictly private and confidential.


Look at this for a glow😍😍 Our cocktail tan for just €15 for a full body spray 💜💜 Get your tan on this weekend 🌞🌞🌞

Are we a little red from the sun after the last few days 🌞 Calms, cools and hydrates even the most sensitive skin 💜🙌💆‍♀️💆‍♂️ #BiolineJato #DeirdresBeautyStudio

Our oval-tipped Brow Pencil is exactly what you need to create hair-like strokes, for perfectly natural brows🔥 Available in Light, Medium, and Dark.

Sun’s out! ☀️ Why not get that smooth ready-for-summer feeling with a Waxperts wax? 😎🌺🌞🌸 We have some appointments available! 🙌💜 Contact us now to book in: 043 3342846

Looking to reduce wrinkles & expression lines whilst achieving re-plumped lips & firm eye contours? Our Lifting Code Eye and Lip will do just that. #Bioline

Satisfy oil lacking, dry and devitalised skin with this incredibly effective, extremely nourishing and restoring Vita+ Mask Revitalizing. The excellent choice to enhance the vitality of the skin! #Bioline

Feeling full of life or Felling the love 😁😍 Let us know which one you are, maybe you are both 😉 #Bioline #Blubeauty #Deirdresbeautystudio

Just what it says on the bottle 1 hour tan. No sleeping in tan overnight and destroying them fresh sheets and jammies. OUR DREAM 😍😍😍 • leave on the skin 1 hour for a golden finish. •2 hours for a dark colour. •3-4 hours for a ultra dark colour. And then shower leaving the skin clean and fresh for the tan to develop. Bronzed and beautiful for 7-10 days 💞

Check this amazing deal out at only €28🌞 You don't have to leave your golden glow at home this summer with our Take Me Away Travel Gift Set complete with a certified airport liquids bag, a full size Liquid Tan and all the rest. 💜😍 Set includes: Certified airport liquids bag 1 x 50ml Day to Day Gradual Tan 1 x 150ml Express Liquid Tan 1 x 50ml Exfoliating BodyWash 1 x Tanning Mitt Available in Salon now. — Products shown: Tan.

Our Fabulous Gradual Tanning Lotion us formulated with organic ingredients such as shea butter & marula oil for complete body nourishment AND a golden glow!

There is a line of products for sensitive and delicate skin, that is able to protect it from external aggressions, soothing and pampering the skin: Dolce+. The Cream Soothing Nourishing and the Nectar in Drops Intense Relief donate a sensation of well-being, freshness and hydration to the face. #BiolineJato #Bioline #BluBeauty


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