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Doctor Mahers

7 Keltic Park, Clieveragh Business Park, Listowel, Ireland



Doctor Mahers is a pure, 100% natural range of skincare products, developed using seaweed as the main ingredient. We are in Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Doctor Mahers has developed the ‘Eco-C’ Method, a patentable green technology that not only delivers a more beneficial product than traditional methods, but also results in a reduced carbon footprint, with an estimated 80% energy saving in the manufacture of liquid soap products.

The beneficial properties of the ingredients are protected from damage because the process allows for minimal heating of the ingredients and results in far superior skin-conditioning properties.


Really enjoyed today at the Balance Expo in the INEC Killarney! Such a brilliant and very well organised event.

Some great facts at the end of this article💕

Doctor Mahers are very excited to have a stand with our products at this brilliant event this Sunday! This is a perfect event for all those interested in a healthy lifestyle! 💠Check out the great line up of Talks and Demo’s for the day below in the comments!


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