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Limerick City, Limerick, Ireland
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Celtic Badger Media are a film-making company based in Limerick, Ireland. CBM offers video production to national and international clients.

Support us on Patreon @ Celtic Badger Media is a production company based in the south-west of Ireland (Limerick/Clare) and we've been making content at a steady pace for the past two years. In that time, we cultivated a culture of completion over on our Youtube channel where we released over a dozen short films in just under a year, while developing our debut feature film, The Three Don'ts.

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Hey folks, Here is Episode 6 of Badger Banter. Get this and more, well in advance over on our Patreon - This week see's Paddy and Barry chatting with the incredibly talented musician & film composer, Evan Murphy who has released his debut EP, Take What You Will in 2017, has an album coming in 2018 and scored The Three Don'ts feature film, as well as Intervention & Saviour! Hopefully you enjoy this and if you do, please support Evan here on Facebook at and please consider supporting us on Patreon to get early access to the podcast, sketches, short films and more. Much love, We adore you #BadgerFam. Paddy, Barry, Evan & all the CBM Gang!

It's that time of the week again folks. #BadgerWednesday is upon us! This week we have an new podcast for you featuring Jessica Messenger (Six Hot Chicks In a Warehouse and upcoming CBM Shorts Intervention - Short Film and Mersey Boys) and The Wonderful Fiach Kunz (Game Of Thrones, Blue Dawn and CBM Shorts like Legacy Point and I.R.I.S.) We banter about everything from Mersey Boys, to The Theory of acting and scary movies! Currently there is 2 more episodes of the Podcast on Patreon featuring Evan Murphy, Mikey Casey and Derek Williams (Not all together...) you can find out the combo and watch right now by pledging $7 a month here!

It's that time of the week again folks. #BadgerWednesday. This week we have another episode of #BadgerBanter - our weekly podcast that you can catch first over on our Patreon page before it's released here on Facebook. This week we have our podcast with Rachel Cobb & Gerard Farrell when they were over filming for their scene in #MerseyBoys #ALetterFromAlMoran coming in 2018. Please consider donating over on our Patreon page as it's going to ramp up something fierce in 2018 and we have a few surprises left in 2017 including access to a short that isn't accessible anywhere else!! Also, enjoy this weeks Badger Banter and please like, share and all the other jazz. Happy wednesday! We've just released a new episode featuring Jessica Messenger & Fiach Kunz (who star in Mersey Boys) over on Patreon which you can watch right now by pledging $7 a month!

Hey again peoples of the Facebooks , Here is this weeks video podcast for Badger Banter. In this video we spoke to Aaron Walsh (Writer/Director/Actor/Youtuber) and Val Gibson AKA Vachn Gill (Successful Entrepreneur, Health and Wellness Badger, Producer) about their experiences in life, the universe and everything as well as their dealings within the machine that is CBM. Please enjoy this and to all those supporting us on Patreon, who get to see this videos first, thank you so so much for supporting us.Thank you so much from the bottom of our Blackened Badger hearts. Have a great #BadgerWednesday and we loves you, so, so much! Paddy Murphy & Barry Fahy

Hey wonderful Badger Peeps. Happy #BadgerWednesday to you all. This week we have made Episode 002 of #BadgerBanter public over on Youtube. We have also released Episode 003 exclusively over on Patreon, so if you want to be a week ahead of the crowd, you can support us for only $3 a month for audio only and $7 a month for video podcasts! This weeks episode sees Paddy Murphy & Barry Fahy bantering with fellow Badgers, Luke O'Doherty & Stephen Tubridy talking about just about everything under the sun, sharing their random objects and some insights into the development of The Three Don'ts. If you like the podcast please be sure to like, subscribe and share, or if you're feeling in the christmas spirit, sign up over at for as little as $3 a month to help a Badger (family) out! Much love #BadgerCubs Paddy, Barry & all the team at CBM

Allo #BadgerCubz, so here - a week on from it's early release on Patreon - is the first episode of our Video Podcast #BadgerBanter. This episode which was recorded in early October features Brian O Regan and Bekki Tubridy talking all things Badger, including The Three Don'ts as well as the films that have inspired them and the work they've been a part of. Hosted by Paddy Murphy & Barry Fahy, Badger Banter is a unique insight into the Banter had between badgers :P Check it out here and if you like what you see, please consider donating to our Patreon to get access to episodes a week early as well as other exclusive sneak peeks unavailable anywhere else. Enjoy!

Our new episode of #BadgerBanter is live over on Patreon, featuring Luke O'Doherty & Stephen Tubridy talking all things Badgery including The Three Don'ts and much much more. Subscribe for $3 to get access to the audio-only version of the Podcast & subscribe for $7 to see our big mad heads as we banter like mental badgers! Sign up over on Patreon to get access today - and if you are a patron, we love you! :D

Please welcome the newest member of the CBM Camera family. Barry has christened her Scarlet Witch - based on a suggestion from Stephen Mcguane. Excited to shoot more content for all y'all with this beast through 2018 and beyond. With this and the RED One MX we have a nice little family of RED's here at CBM to ensure multi-cam RED shoots. So happy for Barry Fahy on acquiring this amazing new piece of kit and in his capable hands he's sure to make more movie magic. Owner/Operator: Barry Fahy Photo Credit: Barry Fahy

Hey folks. It's a huge #BadgerWednesday feast over on our #Patreon page. We really, really need your help to make doing what we do, regularly a reality... So please, if you haven't considered donating, or donated yet, please just take a look at the page and give as little as $3 a month to help us continue to make awesome stuff. We truly appreciate it and we guarantee you, you'll see return on your investment in happiness and cool stuff every Wednesday :) Once again a huge thanks to the amazing #BadgerCubs who have supported us on Patreon. You peeps are amazing and we hope to keep you well fed in terms of awesome Badger goodness over the coming months! Contribute now at #PleaseandThankYou #Legends #NeedTheSupport #BadgerFamForLife #ExclusiveGoodies #BadgerBanter

Wow. What an amazing few days it's been. Firstly, we won five awards for our debut feature film, The Three Don'ts at the Enginuity Film Fesitval... and now we've just learned that our Co-Production with Dark Comedy Productions, #TheSadOnes, picked up the best short of the festival award at the Shawna Shea Film Festival in Massachusetts. A huge congratulation's to all involved, including and especially Piper Murphy, who at only 6 years of age has already had one of the films she has appeared in screen at Cannes and has now been the lead in this award winning short. Hopefully this is just the beginning for this beautiful and moving short film. What an incredible week thus far... and it's only Tuesday! Throw out positive vibes into the world and the universe will respond in kind. #Festival #ShawnaShea #Memorial #DarkComedyProductions #Massachusetts #Drama #ArtHorror

Hey peeps. Just want to give a huge thanks to our two newest Patrons, Orlaith Brennan (our wonderful #BadgerBear) and Brian Fahy (#DadBadger) for their amazing support of our Patreon campaign. It really means the world to us, to know that you believe in what we're doing! We're at 25 supporters per month now. If we can get up to 30 we will have a big announcement to make about our short film #Saviour. Please consider donating and getting involved for early access to all Celtic Badger content EARLY & in some cases, EXCLUSIVELY! Thanks.

Hey Peeps. Just a quick request. We have 1,135 people here on Facebook who like our page at present. If every person who's liked this page just pledged between $1 and $3 a month to our Patreon page we would be able to do this as our full time job and bring you so, so, so much more content! If you haven't already, please consider donating - even if it's just a tiny amount as it really, really does make a huge difference to all the people working so hard behind the scenes at Celtic Badger and we really & genuinely do appreciate and love those who are willing to support us! Thanks for your time. Support us at; Follow us on Youtube;