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No 27 academy Court, Oliver Plunkett Road, Letterkenny, Ireland
Hair Salon



The art of the Traditional kurdish barber


Experience barber require

Would like to take the time to wish all our clients and friends a very happy new year. Would also like to thanks everyone who helped make our business a success over the past 16 months and continue to rise in the coming years. Any advice or feedback as to how we can make top cuts an even better place for you would be much appreicated. And again a big thanks you and a very happy new year to all!

Notice to all our lovely customers We are open 21st 22nd 23rd 24th till late 25th.26th closed 27th,28th,29th,30th.31th open normal days 1st of january closed we will be back 5th of january Thanks for all of you happy Xmas and new year enjoyable with you time love all you

Great news to all our customers from the 4th December 2017 our shop will be open every Monday going forth into the new year thanks for consideration Top Cut Barber.


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