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Comfy Kids Shoes

V93 H527, Killorglin, Ireland
Design & Fashion



The Quality of the Year 2011
Prophylactic insole
The soles of our shoes are adjusted to the age and anatomical build of the child’s feet


Price 29 euro Available size for pink one UE 20-23,25/UK 3.5-6,7.5 For blue UE 20-25/ UK 3.5-7.5 More on

School is coming, You can find shoes for your child on

Sandals for sale, good leather quality, the best on this weather, see on the website for price and size Good quality leather shoes for your Child

Good quality shoes for your Child Perfect shoes for your child.

Sandals for kids

Fashionable and comfortable shoes that look great on the leg. All made of the highest quality natural leather. Insoles are made of natural leather and latex foam that contains active charcoal absorbing unpleasant feet smells. Insoles are anti-bacterial. The soles are flexible, elastic and provide a better grip with the surface.

Summer collection soon

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