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The Cloisters, Clane, Kildare, Ireland
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XpertMusic •CLANE• Lessons to pick up songs by ear! Learn to play by ear on guitar, bass, piano, mandolin, harmonica and ukulele! Available NOW! Xpert Music is a goal orientated self-made business for students who aim for high standards of music ability.

A simple 10 week goal for each student to achieve a level of musical ability to apply a self-teaching method for your future.

Daniel Guy is self taught in guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, drums, harmonica and is, at present, learning violin and saxophone.

Our mission at the Xpert Music Centre is to apply ourselves fully to the world of music to get incredible results!

We ensure that we see the progress required every week in specific areas to ensure that we reach our goal within 10 weeks!

It will take a lot of practice physically and mentally, as we strive for the student to be able to teach themselves by ear to achieve our aim here at Xpert Music!

We hope to link with performance events to give our student, not only the knowledge and method, but the confidence to perform to the public.

We believe the true passion for music lies with dedication, and the willingness to exit our comfort zone by performing our talents on a public level!

All are welcome !


Hi Everybody! This year has been great for music and the students are all beginning to teach themselves picking up key techniques in order to learn by ear any song they hear!! :) Contact for New Lessons in 2017 -0858227846-. All ages and student types welcome (beginners, intermediate etc) :) Experienced in piano, guitar, bass, drums, music production, sound engineering, violin, saxophone and ukulele. 20 MINS - 12 EURO 30 MINS - 15 EURO 40 MINS - 20 EURO Forty minutes is highly beneficial 1. to introduce the new song and specific techniques, scales and shortcuts. 2. to practice and familiarise yourself (with the extended lesson it benefits the recap and focuses on specific areas to improve on) 3. And for essential music theory lessons relating to the song. Thirty minutes covers the new song and becoming familiar to it as well as theory practice relating to song. Twenty minutes covers the new song and practice. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in fully enjoying playing a musical instrument. Learn to play by ear :)

:)...!!!••XPERT MUSIC••!!!... (: MUSIC LESSONS in CLANE for those who want to learn an instrument over the summer or to improve their music skills ... WE OFFER our students after 10 weeks the ability to PLAY BY EAR!!! Our programme of 10 weeks is specifically designed to train you up using the PLAY BY EAR method!! Designed to give you the necessary skills to teach yourself. Lessons from Daniel Guy who has taught himself 6 instruments and is now learning Violin and Saxophone USING and APPLYING the PLAY BY EAR METHOD!! Daniel Guy a multi instrumentalist teaches Guitar, Piano, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele, and Harmonica! Open your ears fully to The World of Music... Understanding and appreciating complex styles... Improving your confidence for performance... And learn how to teach yourself your favourite songs... •••XPERT MUSIC••• •••LEARN TO PLAY BY EAR••• •••JUNE 6 2016•••


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