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South Beach Pavilion, Greystones, Ireland
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Do you want change? Its all possible. Female Hypnotherapists in a beautiful bespoke office. Anxiety, fears, health, confidence, regresion.Empowering you !  We opened South East Hypnotherapy with a mission that we are passionate about "To empower you to reach your full potential in life free from anxiety and truly happy ".
Whether its health and fitness, or happiness , from Quit smoking to Stress and anxiety, its about becoming the best you can be and guiding you to that place.
Specializing in bereavement and fears / phobias using advanced techniques.
Past Life regressions , Energy work, enhancing vibrations.
QHHT level two -
Many people go through life struggling with stress, anxiety , insomnia, and medical conditions such as IBS ,insomnia . Hypnotherapy is fantastic for quick and long term results. Usually one session is all that's needed to dramatically change your life and allow you to begin to let go of old patterns.
We use various techniques but at all times you have full control .In a bespoke environment that is 100% confidential at all times, with all therapists being Female and have a min of Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapy Dip's.
we are excited to talk to you at any time about what Hypnotherapy can do for you.



Thank you to all of South East Hypnotherapy Clients for the last year. We are excited to announce we will moving our offices / therapy rooms from next week in order to continue to provide the very best service we can to you our client. But until then why not send join us at SoBe's with the complimentary entry to SoBe 1st year party on the 11th Feb with some jazz and canapes. Find me at the event and we can have fun doing stage hypnosis. South Beach pavillion Cafe Welcome Drinks Reception. Canapes. Live Music (Kerry Simone and Francesco Amico playing live jazz for the evening). Bar service available. SoBe Activity Showcase. Relax with Friends. Go home happy! ​ ​ 11/02/17 From 19:00

17 Healthy Food Trends You Need to Try in 2017 |

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is a simple idea with simple results ... #losingweight. Change the way you think about food. Stop using it for comfort, or relaxation or boredom..Celebrate food, relish each and every mouthful, learn to taste it , really taste it. Have a healthy relationship with it and with our own body and our health. Why not You deserve too. You deserve to be confident about the way You feel and look. Change Your mindset and the way you think about food and the rest is easy. Hypnotherapy is the easiest way to do this. Communicating with the Subconscious part of your brain that controls these complex behaviors that have hurt You in the past. Over a few sessions these long term changes occur and new attitudes towards yourself, your body and your health will occur. Looking at the whole picture of your weight , when in your past this unhealthy relationship with food was formed, all the positive suggestions to be fit and healthy. In conjunction with the weight loss program at South East Hypnotherapy why not try the following recipes from #thetaste. #feelgreat #lookgreat #changingmindsets #hypnotherapy #southeasthypnotherapy

World’s first brain surgery using hypnosis instead of anaesthetic cures patient

The power of our minds and hypnosis as a tool to master that power.... The pain management and control sessions custom designed by us for you to self anesthetize for the dentists, Birthing and ongoing pain management is a perfect example of this..simply put it works.. PM or email to find out more. #hypnosis #painmangement

Appointment just became available this Friday 10-12 . If anyone is interested pls PM

Teens Mindfulness 8 week Program

Teens Mindfulness 8 week Program

10 Ways Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight—For Good Yes its true and that time of your where everything is possible and willpower is steaming ahead. By embedding those positive vibes and determination into your subconscious brain you can change your relationship with food and lose weight. call 0877139911 or PM to find out more.#oprah #hypnosis #weightloss #southeasthypno

Letter to Juniper - A Home HypnoBirth Story

Beautiful letter of a personal experience of a couple shared from a colleague of Marie mongan HB

John Assaraf

I love this and #visualisation is right up my street so here's a re-share. Thanks Michelle power #johnassarf

Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song Reduces Anxiety by Up to 65 Percent

I firmly believe in any method that changes our brainwave patterns and structure to Change damaging or limiting mindsets #hypnotherapy #mindfulness #neuroaccoustics #cbt #nlp all do this over session/s. I listen to a variety of different acoustics daily and find them invaluable. Below is an example of a Nero acoustic that their studies show a reduction in anxiety of over 65% . Http://

Just a short video of our therapy room. Our aim is to ensure you are sooooo relaxed .. And why not you deserve it

Just a short video of our therapy room. Our aim is to ensure you are sooooo relaxed .. And why not you deserve it

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Meditation, coffee , clients What a lovely morning.

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Timeline Photos

Reminded today to breath.. Stop and Breath. I started South East (Hypnotherapy) Practice to reach out and offer healing to anyone who wants to live without letting anxiety get on top of you. Change whats not working for you in your life, whether that's attitude , health business or relationships. To show people there is more than what we know and we are never alone. To empower you . Statistics show 1/3 people suffers from anxiety or depression . I believe there is a better way to live and not just survive. I believe in helping each other and i believe that this life we are living is precious and delicate and deserves each one of us to celebrate it. I'm passionate about my job, I'd love to hear what your passionate about and your story? #celebratelife #hypnosis #mindfulness #oktofeelsadsometimes Photo by Julia Balaz

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