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Maple Tree Pottery

Charlesland Park *By appointment only, please*, Greystones, Ireland
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Inspired by nature and my travels, I love everyday items to be beautiful and full of colour.  I love colour and pattern, evident in all my unique and ever-changing pieces. I think everyday objects should be beautiful as well as functional. I'm inspired by nature, my travels in Asia and Scandinavian design.
I started selling pottery with my mother in law, Kathy Mooney (  and now, when the 3 kids go to school, I go into my little cabin in my garden and make lovely things!



Stay warm, safe and hydrated lovelies! #stormemma #redalert

This is how a SNOW DAY makes you feel!!


Elephant Ring Dishes are back in stock after selling out in December! 9cm diameter, €12

More New Designs! Small plate and dip sets. These are great for a couple scones and jam, carrot sticks and houmous, mini spring rolls and chili sauce...whatever your preferred nibbles! Plate 22x15 cms, dip bowl 9cm diameter €30 for the set

Mother's Day is in 2 weeks! Sunday March 11th, so there's still time to order a Wildflower Ring Dish (€12) or Heart (€10).

So shiny! I'm loving this fern imprint in green, I think I'll be seeing a lot more of it!!

I spent the entire week glazing in my studio. There were so many different pieces which I glaze by hand, 3 coats of each colour... But the results were so rewarding! All of these bowls and plates are available and would make amazing Mother's Day gifts! Sizes and prices are in the description.

Lots of new Grá hearts still warm from their firing and available now! #getemwhiletheyrehot €10

Breeding like... Easter Bunnies have their coat of clear glaze and are ready to cook up in the kiln, which will reveal their lovely pastel colours!


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