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Tig Choili

mainguard st ,The Latin Quarter, Galway, Ireland



Tig Choili is a  Traditional Irish music pub with sessions twice daily,all year round!


Desmond O Halloran and Johnny Mullins singing "Blue eyes crying in the rain "!

Going old school!!

A nice little read and a nice mention Of Tig Choili here too if you are sampling the pubs and beer of Ireland this coming week!

With the regular clientele that sits here, and the amount of slagging that goes on at this particular part of the bar, we thought it fitting to rename this section as "The No Sympathy Corner"!

If ye ever knocking about "Fresh pond Road in Queens New York " this Paddies day, make sure ye pop into "The Glenlo Tavern " for a bit of craic.... owned by these two fine Galwaymen ,Ollie and Aidan !!......two off our own!!

Some unreal craic here in the pub at the moment!.... St Patrick's week kicking off with a bang!!

Conor Connolly singing a lovely song in Tig Choili today for my mammy on mother's day!!

Father and son!..... Mick Conneely Sr and Mick Conneely Jr having a tune together in Tig choili

The sign of a savage pint!

What's happening here Johnny??

Gerry and Johnny chilling out in Tig Choili this evening.... with our Great Granny Nan in the back round smoking the pipe and keeping an eye on things!

Desmond and Mick talking about music and days gone by no doubt!


NEAR Tig Choili