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Hyper Pro Training Dundalk Ireland

Martial arts school of fitness, Jocelyn Street, Dundalk, Ireland




Hyper Pro Training Is An Elite Program Designed To Create The Highest Level Martial Arts Athletes Across The World. Hyper pro training is NOT a standalone program it is an add-on, it is a extension of your existing training. There is no grading in this class so to progress in your belts you must attend your regular kickboxing classes. We have selected only the best students to be a part of this special program & represent our school across the world.
Members attend the special hyper pro training workout sessions weekly
These scientific training sessions will increase your speed, flexibility, power,
Jump height, incredible kicks & acrobatics. Hyper pro training will prepare you to win in the game of life. The very best quotes & lessons each week from top athletes in history
“Leader’s Aren’t Born, They Are Made.”
                                                       Vince Lombardi
Each season hyper pro training members learn incredible kicks, acrobatics & a special hyper form or weapons form. We then create a special show to perform at the end of the season (3months).

As a team we will participate in the hyper world challenges, contests & special events. These fun events & challenges create incredible performers ready for anything. Imagine after 1 year of these training sessions performances and special events how incredible you will be. When you train with the best in the world you will become the best in the world

The Highest Level Martial Arts Athletes

When You Train With The Best In The World You Will Become The Best In The World
As Pro Member Here Is What You Get:
Membership Into Hyper Pro Training Worldwide
The Hyper Pro Training Weekly Sessions 1 Outdoor Training Session Each Quarter
Membership To Hyper Training Online - $100 Value.  
You Also Get Access to The Exclusive
Special Hyper Pro Training Shirt-Special Hyper Pro Training Bag- Hyper Pro Training Patch
These are for Pro Training Members Only!
Special Enrollment Now!
Only €70 for the 12 week program
Special of  €130 for Weapons and Forms Class

Join the Team of Top Hyper Martial Arts Athletes Worldwide

Times: Thursday Hyper Pro Training Weapons 7pm
            Friday Hyper pro Training Acrobatics Tricking and Forms 5pm



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