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South Sudan is facing an extreme food crisis. And it’s projected to get even worse in 2018, with an estimated 5.1 million people expected to go hungry.

World Vision Georgia develops street art to support the campaign "#NotMyChoice" which is part of the global WV campaign #ItTakesAWorld to end violence against children. World Vision Georgia is running a three daycare/crisis intervention centres to provide drop-in, educational and psycho-social rehabilitation services for children living and working in the streets. We are helping 600 children access quality education and attain functional levels of literacy, numeracy and essential life skills

This year the Syrian conflict will be entering its 7th year. Civilians continue to be killed, injured and displaced at a terrifying rate and places of refuge such as hospitals and schools continue to be targeted. Find out more:

3 minute read: At 36, Martha Jamsi has lived three lives. There was the one before her sister was shot, the years of her marriage in South Sudan and now as a leader of the refugee community in Kakuma, in northern Kenya. She currently works with World Vision distributing food to 140,000 people in Kakuma refugee camp. This is her story,

At least 24 people have been killed in air strikes near the Syrian capital Damascus, with ten children among the dead

“When it rains everything gets wet. When it’s windy, the branches fall and when the sun is strong it’s too hot. Sometimes we have to stop classes.” Irahoze, 14, is one of the children who fled Burundi and now study beneath the trees in Tanzania’s Nduta refugee camp. Due to a shortage of funds, more than 70% of students in refugee camps in Tanzania have to study outdoors.

Saved by the bell In Uganda's Ngogwe community, 4-year-old Sharon was saved from child abduction thanks to World Vision's Amber Alert System. Sharon and her older brother David were brushing their teeth when two men tried to abduct them. As Sharon was taken, David found an adult who called for help. Through the Amber Alert System, loud drumbeats and megaphones blared to alert the entire community, and motorcycles blocked off the exits to the village. Frightened by the alert, Sharon's abductors fled and left her in the community. Around the world, World Vision's Amber Alert system deters kidnappers from abducting and trafficking children. Last year, 8 children were saved in Ngogwe through the Amber Alert System, all because the community has systems in place to protect their children.

World Food Program Reports Unprecedented Hunger in 2017

The UN secretary-general issued a “red alert” for the world in 2018.

Sometimes it feels like the news only focuses on the bad things happening in the world. But thanks to people like you, together we are making a difference! We want to wish everbody a a peaceful and Happy New Year from everybody at World Vision Irealnd! Thank you for all your amazing support in 2017.

Bravery like Seventeen-year-old Lillias’ is hard to find. Amidst the challenges and hardships of being a refugee, she still manages to keep her head high. The war in South Sudan claimed her father and forced her to run to Uganda with her six siblings. “We left our mother behind and I am not sure whether she is dead or alive,” Lillias says. Empowered by World Vision through a vocational life skills she is now earning some income for her family by hand making beautiful bags and purses. Read her amazing story here:


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