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Club G - Clontarf

St. Paul's College, Dublin, Ireland
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Club G in St. Pauls was the super club for under 18's in the 90's - a generation of ravers born! Club G in St. Pauls was the super club for under 18's in the 90's - a generation of ravers born!

Club G has its origins from the ending of the popular ‘Grove’ rock disco in the same venue that ran for the previous 30 years. From the early 1990’s musical tastes changed and dance music began to take hold over all teen discos throughout the UK & Ireland from then on the transition from rock to dance music was inevitable.

Officially the first discos under the Club G banner took place in late 1994 / early 1995 in the main gym hall in St. Pauls School in Clontarf. Many would have it believed that the Grove rock disco ran up until 1997 but Saturday nights on Dublin’s north side were definitely a dance affair from earlier years.

On at least four separate occasions Club G celebrated the anniversary of the first night of dance music in that hall. These nights were always spectacular showcase night with pyrotechnic displays and concert ticket giveaways.

The success of the Club G was clear to see with huge numbers of teenagers making the pilgrimage form all corners of North Dublin to attend on a Saturday night.

Although Club G was responsible for introducing many young people to dance music that ranged from Northern European Techno to R’n’B to Cheesey dance pop it would be remiss to think that it was just the music people came for! It was the atmosphere that was special in those days and the opportunity to ‘meet someone’s mate’ that really gave Club G its name. For many years it was a right of passage for north Dublin teens in the adventure of growing up.

If you have a special memory from your Club G days please post it up on the wall. You never know that guy or girl you seen there so many times might still be single!! (Assuming they have grown out of Scanda Jackets and Nike trackies!!)


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