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Upside Coffee

Unit 14 Chart House Business Park, Richmond Road, Fairview, Dublin, Ireland
Food & Beverage Company



We import, roast & deliver wholesale speciality coffee to cafés, restaurants, bars, offices and grocery shops across Ireland. Upside Coffee is a wholesale and online roastery based in Dublin, Ireland. Our mission is simple: Import delicious coffee, roast it to perfection & share it with you. Easy as that.

Seasonal coffees from around the world are available from our online shop, and we help businesses with every aspect of their coffee program. From ongoing training with expert knowledge and support, to equipment sourcing and repairs, we have you covered every step along the way.


Just popped in to Hope Beer where Mark, with some nice arm support from Martyn, gave us a taste of the finished Flat White Stout. It's tasting really balanced, and its medium body allows the espresso flavour to come through beautifully.

Launching a new Ethiopian filter roast later this week - really excited about this one. ˙ ͜ʟ˙

Great day out in Hope Beer with Sweeney's of Philipsburgh Avenue - we're working together on a flat white stout, and the guys went through their plan and process today. There will be upwards of 1000 double espressos in this batch, which we'll finish next week. These guys really know what they're doing - so looking forward to tasting the goods.

Coffee tasting at Hills Bros. San Francisco in the 1930s. We still use the same method today to decide what new coffees to buy in, or test the quality of roasts.

We're doing a free coffee tasting in Sweeney's of Philipsburgh Avenue - Lilac Wines tomorrow from 3pm. You'll be able to try coffees from different origins side by side, as well as pick up some tips for brewing coffee at home!

View for the evening

One more espresso roast and we're done for the night.

New components in Classic Espresso: 1/3 El Salvador Monteleon 2/3 Mexico Nayarita Both washed Tastes like milk chocolate and almond - perfect for a strong, full bodied espresso, stovetop or french press

Wishing all a Happy Christmas and a fun filled New Year. Thank you for all your support in 2017!

Hey there big fella

Christmas came early!


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