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20 Anglesea street, Cork, Ireland



At twenty we appreciates wholesome, fresh, simple food and want to share our passion with people who like the same.  


C'mon in 😊, we're open 🙆⛱☕️

It's a day for a great sandwich and some apple sponge @ TWENTY 😻

#brighten up your #Monday 👏🏻 #lemondrizzle

#neverstops #fresh #homemade #granola 👌🏻

Blueberry and orange........just sayin 💁🏼

Take some TWENTY to the park today coz It's Wednesday, it's sunnny and..........

One of our veggie options below 😊 This is cheddar, avocado, caramelised onions and yummy garlic sundries tomatoes 🕺🏻

Le weekend starts here ⬇️

..........and it's still weather for the #park #beach #notwork 🕶

Don't worry lads, no need to make your own pesto today for your pesto butter, rocket, chicken and roast pepper sandwiches coz we did it 💁🏼 We've got you sorted for lunch outside again 👌🏻🕺🏻

We all just need to take it easy today and let the peeps at Twenty do the work so you can just grab a tasty sandwich or salad and go to the park and pretend it's still the weekend 💁🏼👌


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