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Glounthaune, Cork, Ireland


snapchat: annaphotocork
instagram: annaphotography.cork I picked up a camera one fateful day and it's been a whirlwind romance ever since!
I have always adored pictures, notably from an early age, where I have memories of hanging pictures I took myself in my room, while other girls had posters of rock stars.
I purchased my first camera in 2008 and that's when my photography adventure really kicked up a notch and took a more professional route.
I couldn't leave it behind , even if i wanted to.
I love the gift that God has given me to capture peoples happiness through images.
If I can touch people with my talent, then my job is done and I can lead a very satisfied life.
My goal is to create a long lasting memory for others, that captures their true, inner being. There is no more rewarding and prouder feeling than when I make a client smile, knowing that their special moment has been etched in eternity through my lens.
I hope you go on a journey though my photos and enjoy the ride.
Thank you for visiting my website... . Anna B.


"Sometimes you'll never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" .... Dr. Suess

This is only a fraction what's coming soon from our amazing photoshoot with Lockdown PR

I've been a bit quiet lately on Facebook as i am a bit upset how Facebook started blocking viewers !! Pictures shared on fan page are not visible for people who already liked the page !! it is disgrace how greedy facebook became ! so upsetting ! it's all about the money in this days !!

Lockdown PR

amazing make up artist

Polaroids pictures, also known as “digitals,” are a model’s best friend. Whether you’re a new model who has never done an official photo shoot or a model with years of experience, good Polaroids are a gateway to better shoots and more work. And, since it is standard industry practice for agencies and casting directors to request Polaroids. What are Polaroids? Polaroids show what you look like when you walk through the door. It’s important for photographers and casting directors to know what you look like before the makeup, hair, lighting and Photoshop. “Clients trust Polaroids'' to book your polaroids with me please contact Now €199.00 for limited time only ! model: Alaine Bella Rosmodel management Anna Bonikowska

Model with frekcles needed. Interested please email: 📸💗


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