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UCC Choral Society

University College Cork, Cork, Ireland
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UCC Choral Society is one of the largest and most successful societies on campus. Like our page to stay updated on the latest news and events of the society, including rehearsals, concerts, sing-along cinemas and much more!


Tomorrow night Boole 1 7.30PM we present CHOOSICAL THE MUSICAL to begin Choral Week. What will we watch??? You decide! Choose between moulin rouge, Chicago and High School Musical. Bring along your spare change and put it into the box of the Musical you want to watch the most. The one with the most donations is what we will watch! Simple! Bring along your friends for what is sure to be a great start to Choral week 2018! #uccsingers #lovesinging #singing #societies #cork #uccsocieties #uccchoralsociety #lovecork

Choral Week starts tomorrow 💃🏻 The snow left us just in time for our events. Below is a list of the events and their details: Monday 5th March: 7.30PM in Boole 1 Choosical the Musical with option of Moulin Rouge, Chicago or High School Musical! The Musical with the most money is the one we watch! All Voluntary donations to the Irish Cancer Society. Tuesday 6th March: 9PM after rehearsal. The annual Choral Quiz in the Old Bar. With a bonus friends round, general knowledge and music rounds. Great prizes to be won and free food 💃🏻 3€ per person, teams of 4! Wednesday 7th March: 9PM in the Old Bar- Strauss 2.0 - pizza and Karaoke 🎤🍕

Snow getting you down?? Don’t Fret- as part of Choral Week 2018 next Wednesday we bring you Strauss Ball 2.0: The After Party, in the Old Bar at 9PM get ready for some embarrassing karaoke performances and some delicious pizza, it’s not to be missed!

As part of our Annual Choral week, Presenting our first event, Choosical The Musical - where YOU pick the musical we watch and sing along to. From a choice of Chicago, Moulin Rouge and High School Musical, we will have donation buckets (for Irish Cancer Society) on the door each representing a musical;the bucket with the most money wins - simple as! See you all there, in your best voices! "But what is a Sing Along Cinema??" Basically, it's exactly as it says on the tin. We book out a lecture hall and a screen a musical movie. Cue the crazy fun singing along to ALL the songs and brave attempts at dancing! Will we be doing the Cell-Block Tango, the Elephant Love Medley, or will we be 'All in this Together'? Come along and find out!!

Announcement 🎤 incase you haven’t heard, Choral week has been pushed out a week until the 5th of March. We’ve got lots of exciting things planned for it. On Monday we’ll have Choosical the Musical in Boole 1, with all proceeds going to charity, on Tuesday the Annual Choral Quiz in the Old Bar with Free food, drink and lots of great prizes!! Finishing off on Wednesday with Karaoke in the Old Bar, again free food, drinks vouchers , and some embarrassing performances by none other than our amazing committee members. Be there or be.....well don’t be there, you’ll be missing out 😉 watch this space for more details in the coming week, it’s going to be a good one! #uccsocieties #ucc #uccchoralsociety #lovecork #cork #societies #singing #lovesinging #uccsingers

Check out our Choral Week event! Starting on Monday the 26th of February with Choosical the Musical, Choral Week 2018 is sure to be hard to beat! On Tuesday we will have our usual rehearsal (With an added surprise), followed by a Choral Quiz, and on Wednesday we will have karaoke. Details of the events will be posted on the event in the coming week - watch this space for details, see you all there 🎵🎵🎵

You heard it right.... Choral week is back!!! To celebrate Choral's 81st birthday we are holding our annual Choral week, and this year it's going to be bigger and better than ever! We have a week-long of activities and events lined this space for more details

In Collab with the UCC Cancer Society and their Relay for Life event this Friday, our friends over at UCC Musical Society are holding a '24 hour musical'. If you'd like to get involved head over to the event for all the details!🎵

Don’t forget about our event tonight with UCC Musical Society in Ziggys bar! Ever dreamt of singing a musical song that you couldn’t? well nows your chance, see you all tonight in your best voices 💃🏻

In collab with the UCC Musical Society we bring you Broadway Backwards!! Come along for a fun twist on musical theatre (see event for details) this Monday at 8PM in Ziggy's bar!

Snatch them up before they’re gone 💃🏻

Don’t forget Ucc Strauss Ball tickets are on sale tomorrow at 8AM outside the library! 💃🏻


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