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Zen-Do: Shiatsu Therapy & Tai Chi Cork

6 Sidney Place, Wellington Road, Cork, Ireland
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I am Shiatsu therapist  and Tai Chi instructor with a passion for natural healing holistic therapies and living. I believe that focusing on prevention is the best approach to health and can help us lead a happier an more fulfilling life
  What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is considered a form of body work originated thousands of years ago in Japan but was more recently formalised into its modern form in the last century.  It draws on much of Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge for its theoretical base, using the same meridians and points as in acupuncture and tuina.

Shiatsu  is traditionally done on a futon on the floor with the client wearing confortable clothes and is mainly characterised by extensive use of pressure techniques over acupoints applied with the thumb or palms although elbows, knees and feet can also be used. It may as well include stretches, joint mobilisations and massage type strokes like kneading so it may feel like yoga done to you.

Like acupuncture, Shiatsu stimulates the body’s vital energy (known as Qi or Ki) to promote its natural capacity to re-adjust itself and allow healing take place.

You can say that it is a specific form of healing touch,  which offers us a way of supporting our body at all times of our life.  It is a complete health care system which works with the body’s own resources.The only time it can not really be included is during emergency medical procedures. It can support both before and after as there are no reactions with drugs as it is only ever supporting the body in its processes.

What Shiatsu Massage Therapy can do for you:

Reduce muscle stiffness,
stimulate the skin,
aid digestion,
influence the nervous system.

Shiatsu is used to treat a wide range of chronic conditions, such as:

backaches, including lower back ache, neck and joint pain,
frozen shoulder,
digestive disorders,


BOOKING POLICIES No Show Policy - €40 No shows to a booked appointment without any notice will result in the charge of the full treatment fee Cancellation Policy - €20 A 24 hour cancellation policy applies. Any cancellations made with less than 24 h notice period will result in the charge of half the treatment fees. Late Arrival Policy Your late arrival will require that I end the session at the scheduled time, meaning your session will unfortunately be shorter

Zen Shiatsu: Massage Therapy Cork's cover photo

Zen Shiatsu:  Massage Therapy Cork's cover photo

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Timeline Photos

Tai Chi makes your brain bigger and improves memory

TAI CHI & SHIATSU Tai chi brought me to Shiatsu. Yes, Tai chi came first and I'm so thankful to it because it opened a new world to me I wish I had been ready to enter earlier in life. To me both practices complement each other wonderfully and I must say that Tai chi makes my Shiatsu so much better. I wish I could say the same about shiatsu making my tai chi better but it doesn't seem to be working that way. They say that Tai chi helps everything but nothing helps Tai chi except your practice. This is so true, at least in my particular case so yes, I need to practice more. I love Tai Chi for many reasons and one of them of course it's because of its health benefits which are starting to be studied and proved by scientist and here is the evidence

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Conditions Helped by Shiatsu Neck, shoulder and back pain / tension Joint pain / stiffness (RSI) Stress – tension – anxiety Fatigue – low energy – depression Headaches – migraine – insomnia Digestive complaints Circulatory problems Menstrual problems In addition, Shiatsu can be useful when going through life experiences and transitions such as: Pregnancy: receiving Shiatsu during and after pregnancy can also be beneficial in helping the mother’s body adjust through the different phases of gestation and recover from childbirth Sports injuries Surgery: Shiatsu can help with alleviating pre or post-operative stress Cancer and other long-term chronic conditions: Shiatsu can be offered as physical and emotional support for people experiencing cancer or other long-term conditions

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Shiatsu taps in the hability of the body to heal itself. By bringing the person into their body, we help the body to remind itself of its own capacity, we as practitioners just promote the process and provide this awareness but is body the one doing the job.

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