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Grace Christian Church

53 MacCurtain Street, Cork, Ireland
Christian Church



Contemporary Christian Community based in Cork City Ireland who meet Sundays at 10 and 12.


Connecting today with this legend.. Farad Raissa, former Muslim, on fire Christian & member of our senior leadership team at #GraceChurch #Cork tom+

Knowing God without knowing our own brokenness brings pride. Knowing our own brokenness without knowing God beings despair. But knowing Jesus Christ strikes the balance as He shows us both God & our brokenness! Blaise Pascal tom+

Speaking at #NightChurch 19.30 this evening on ‘The Man in the Mirror’ Who are YOU really? Music Message Ministry & Munchies! #GraceChurch #Cork tom+

Praying for our beloved Alison Nulty today, a Kilkenny blessing in the heart of Cork 🙌 The Lord grant you the desires of your heart Alison!!! #PrayerFocus #GraceChurch #Cork tom+

Prayer Focus 14th of January '18 Everyone is welcome to Grace Church Cork, even Kilkenny girl Alison Nulty 😉 Alison's requests are as follows: 1. She would cultivate a thankful heart (rejoice always...(1Thess 5:18). Pray for her family and friends that aren’t yet saved, that they would come to know the Lord. That the Lord continues to impact our City and our Country leaders with His presence and purpose. #praywithoutceasing

This week’s Newsletter is ready to download now. Night Church ‘The Man in the Mirror’ with Tom Burke. Dates for your Diary This week’s Prayer Focus: Alison Nulty New Alpha course starting UnPlugged monthly lunch And more.....

It’s pouring rain outside this morning, but for tomorrow’s message, I’m stirred by a different kind of rain 🙌 #HolySpirit #LetItRain #GraceChurch #Cork tom+

Remember today that the enemy will try to limit your praying because he knows your praying will limit him! #NewYearNewPrayerLife tom+

“You’ll see more in one year really filled with the Holy Spirit than 50 years apart from Him” Smith Wigglesworth #NewYearReminders #PentecostalFathers tom+

Join us for spiritual New Year Nights starting this evening with #NightChurch at 19.30 & Mikes message The Great Escape! #GraceChurch #Cork tom+

Where Cork & Zambia meet, you find the wonderful Murphy family! Praying today for Stephen Doris & kids, may the Lord answer all your prayers for 2018 guys!!! #PrayerFocus tom+

On the first Sunday of 2018 today, ten people called on the Lord for salvation. Hallelujah!! #GraceChurch #Cork #BornAgain tom+


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17 Marian Square

Cork, Ireland
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