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I am a Chartered Physiotherapist committed to providing high quality care for people who have spinal, lower limb and upper limb injuries. .  


Sprinting or Jogging? Which Makes You Stronger? | MapMyRun Make your work out count! Scientific evidence suggests that you get greater physiological fitness benefits from shorter high intensity training. More benefit from shorter sessions. Great for the busy mum and dads sneaking sessions in around the family/life commitments. Enjoy reading.

10 Overlooked Reasons Every Woman Should Strength Train

When Should You Replace Your Running or Walking Shoes? | MapMyRun Great advice on buying new shoes!!!Take advantage of the January sales you know you deserve it!!!

3 Ways Runners Get Speed Work Wrong (and How to Make It Right) | Under Armour

Great site for all the physios out there for exercise ideas.

Hip, shoulder and back mobility exercises for golf

To all the golfers out there who have some little back and shoulder injuries. This little video shows how prevention exercises are often easier to do than exercises to make you better. If you have any ongoing issues why not contact on the number above and improve your game at the same time

What You May Not Know About Muscle Soreness - Hello Healthy

Feel the burn! Interesting piece on muscle fatigue and established myths that are totally untrue. There are many ways of helping you to reduce muscle soreness but if its not improved within 48 hours get yourself checked out by your Chartered Physiotherapist

Osteoporosis Evening

Osteoporosis Evening

Should You Work Out While You're Sick? - Hello Healthy

As its the season that flu and runny noses are coming around I thought it was timely to post something that at some stage or another we are all going to have to encounter. Happy reading

5 Recovery Tips For After a Long Run

Ever wonder how best to recover after your run? See the information attached for some great advice. Please like and share with your friends😊 It may even keep you away from your physiotherapist. If any doubts you should always talk to your local Chartered Physiotherapist

The many myths of back pain - BBC News Very interesting thoughts about the myths and misconceptions that have often told ( sometimes by misinformed medical practitioners!) to people with spinal pain. Please read like and share. It may help somebody!!!


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