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Sheephill park, Blanchardstown, Ireland
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Leinster guttering service provides 30 years of experience in gutter placement, carpentry and handy man work. We provide a top of the line work.


Can't beat a mid week visit to the church to help improve the external look. Doing jobs like this make me proud of my work.

Hey everyone, hope everybody is keeping well 😁 wanted you all to see what a difference new gutters make on the look of your house. When done right it changes how the exterior look of the house to a whole new level 😁

How's everybody keep this fine Tuesday afternoon 🙂 So Leinster Guttering is reach new heights by moving up to the 3 stories house 🙂 who doesn't like a new challenge.

Here are few more images of our work today. In these two images you notice the difference a whole lot more. Also Leinster gutter also offer a guttering cleaning and repair service 😁

Hi folks, hope everybody is keeping well 😁 Here are a few images of a roof that we cleared it up today. We made it look 100% better and completely refreshed 👌 The bonus you get out of this is, that your roof will be more secure and less likely to get leaks 😁

Hi everyone, hope you all are keeping well. With Autumn only around the corner, it's never too early to get your gutters looked at. With the wet weather getting closer the one thing that you should do is to get your roof and gutters looked at. The one thing you don't want is having a leak on your gutters or even worse on your roof. Why not call Robert @0858083992 😁

Trying this out for the first time. I was able to put together a slideshow of some images of a job that I had over the week. Have a look and let me know what you think. What we done on this job was, we put up plaster boards on the walls and put up support beams for all the doors in this house as well. If this type of work is something your looking don't be afraid to message me or even click the call button on the top of my Facebook page 😁😁

I hope everybody is having a great Saturday morning and are enjoying the weekend as much as I am. Today I am proud to show you that Leinster Guttering is in the Little Village magazine and we are also in the Community Handhelp leaflet. You can pick these up in your local shops and credit union. But if you want to make any inquiries contact Robbie @ 085 808 3992. With of 30 years of experience you will be making the right choice by calling Leinster Guttering.

Hi everybody. Here's a few picks of some work we completed. We removed old rotted wood and replaced it with a brand new wood with a solid structure. We also laid down new felt roof.

Hi everyone, I hope everybody is having a great start to the week so far 😁 We just wanted to share some images with everyone on some work that we completed. In the images below you can see that we had a renovation to complete. We cleared out the house, put up plaster boards on the walls, we also had some carpentry work to do as well, we put wooden support frames together and support frames were added to make sure that doors and the internal window are supported. Have a look at some of the images below to view some of our work.