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New You Neuromuscular Therapy & Pilates

Marino Street, Bantry, Co. Cork, Bantry, Ireland
Pilates Studio



Helping you to feel better in your body! With 20 years professional experience, as a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist, Pilates, Kettlebells & Yoga Tune Up ® Teacher, Eleanor is always looking for innovative ways to encourage her clients to break free from stagnant, repetitive movement habits. Developing playful, eclectic attitudes to fitness is a life mission! With a client base ranging from hard-core marathoners, to osteoporotic octogenarians, Eleanor ensures each individual finds ways to be more confident & competent.



You do not sweat out "toxins", you cannot remove them from your body by massage, trust your kidneys & liver!

Is your body letting you down "down there"? Incontinence, Pelvic pain, Back pain, Prolapse, Painful periods.... can all result from pelvic floor issues. Learn research based practical ways to restore your floor: UPDATED CONTENT: with the most current Physical Therapy approaches. Bring your mothers, daughters, sisters! Informative, practical & empowering for all women. 2 hour workshop, €30. Includes handouts.

Feeling a bit creaky, achy, stiff??...... MOVE WELL Pilates classes: accessible, fun, informative. Join in!! Wednesday & Thursday, morning & evening classes, message me, or call 087 7530430 for more info.

I've been saying this for many years: the evidence is not there for orthotics. You wouldn't strap a board to a "weak" back, why do we think restricting movement is appropriate for the foot, one of our most dynamic & responsive structures?

Enjoying the sunny morning after two intense days exploring the latest research and evidence in movement & pain research and neuroscience. Brain well cooked, but loved the emphasis on fun too!!

Even with alot of arthritic changes, regular exercise is appropriate, & can be an effective pain reliever over time.

"I want women to feel good, from their bums to their bones." 😁 love this! No voodoo anti-cellulite exercises at New You.... MOVE WELL to feel good.... with a jiggly bum!

Really looking forward to the upcoming course in Dublin with Cor-Kinetic. Leading the way forward in client-centred approaches to managing pain & movement rehabilitation!

"Practice being soft, warm, relaxed and open, for no other reason than that it feels more pleasant than being hard, cold, contracted and closed. But if you need another reason, let that reason be that the aforementioned state is (for mammals at least) biologically life-affirming, physiologically health-promoting, and conducive to the success of both social and intimate relationships. But that last bit's all just cognitive intellectual bla. Just go with cultivating the good and warm feelings, and you won't go far wrong. #soft #LetGo" A nice thought from my buddy, Phil Greenfield.... Hope YOU feel good today!

Some of ye had to do some hauling water the past few's tough work! Let's be grateful it's not a constant feature in our lives!

It's been a great few days, out in nature, & so good to see families having fun together! Catching up with neighbours, a lovely rising of community spirit... Hoping amongst the water & bread shortages, ye all had fun too.... Back to normal next week!


Foot frolics had at MOVE WELL Pilates this week... Getting out of "sensory deprivation chambers" (a.k.a. SHOES), saying HELLOO to happy, resilient feet!

Foot frolics had at MOVE WELL Pilates this week... Getting out of "sensory deprivation chambers" (a.k.a. SHOES), saying HELLOO to happy, resilient feet!