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55 Chapel Gate, Balbriggan, Ireland
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K International Freight Ltd is one of Irelands leading International Pet Relocation companies.   Providing Pet Relocation and Personal Effects   Services to and from all major International Airports and Countries Worldwide


Storm EMMA Staff and Management at K International Freight wish all our clients and furry friends a safe journey through “Storm Emma” During this time the safety of pets in our care or under our direction will be our primary objective. We will endeavor to update you on possible delays to flights / airports etc where relevant. Thank you for your understanding, Kevin & the Team

FRANK (French bulldog) Returns to Canada. ‘’We flew Frank this gorgeous and adorable French bulldog to Vancouver recently. Frank arrived safe and well, settled in well and is sniffing everything in the park. We originally had the pleasure in arranging Franks trip to Ireland in 2017 for our valued clients Jacqueline & Alan says Kevin’’ of K International Freight, Ireland’s premier pet relocator. Frank pic below, C.O.Y.B.G

Joey arrives in Malaga This beauty is Joey a lovely collie. Safely landed in Malaga for a seven week break, Thanks to Kieran & Ann

Grady arrives safely in New Orleans. This is Grady, a beautiful agile and patient Glen of Imaal Pup who we have safely relocated with its owner Rachel in New Orleans.

Kaiser ( Siberian Husky ) arrives in Australia This beauty is Kaiser a really lovely Siberian Husky. Safely traveled and now reunited with the happy O’Neill family in Australia.

Baille, a Great Dane and Chester, a Dachshund Cross This is, Baille and Chester who have just returned from the Gulf States. As usual, Baille gets all the headlines and Chester just hangs around in the background. Great to see meet them with their owners Joanne & Aidan.

Happy Return for Grissom. ‘’We flew Grissom, this really friendly calm boxer out of Ireland a couple of years ago with his owners Alan & Denise and we are were delighted to help arrange to bring him home this week. All arrived safely from the USA and it’s great to see them all again says Kevin’’ of K International Freight, Ireland’s premier pet re-locator.

Seasons greetings from all at K International Freight

Eva arrives in Toronto. This is Eva a playful and affectionate young Japanese Spitz now safely re-located to her anxious owner Patrick in Toronto.

Dakota arrives safely in New York. This confident and loyal German Shepherd is Dakota who was relocated safely by us to New York to her happy owners Margaret and Alex.

TIA, a Collie arrives in Malaga This beautiful collie TIA now reunited safely with his owners after arrival in Malaga from Dublin recently.

SKY a Mini Schnauzer arrives in Dubai ‘’Thank you Kevin and team for all your help and moral support to get over all the hurdles ’’ says Sky's owner’s after this beautiful Lady’s safe arrival in Dubai from Dublin recently. Pictured here at play is SKY relaxing in her garden.


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