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Worry, Stress, Panic,Weight Loss, Stop Smoking - The solution is easier than you think! As a former sufferer from Anxiety, I am now completely free thanks to seeing a Hypnotherapist.  I was so impressed, I trained & gained an Advanced Diploma specialising in treating ANXIETY, PHOBIAS & PANIC.  It's such a relief to breath easy & feel at ease with myself.

Do you overeat, feel bad, then eat more? END THE EMOTIONAL PAIN OF YO YO DIETING. You can also get a sugar divorce!

STOP SMOKING IN UNDER 60 MINUTES! No cravings, no weight gain, no stress. Be physically turned off while emotionally prepared.

Relieve the chronic symptoms of IBS.

Fly on a plane without panic attacks / Pass that Driving Test / There are so many conditions I can help you with.  


Something to think about but could it work?

A beautiful heartwarming story about the power of music.....

It'd be great to see this in our schools in Ireland. Its so easy to learn - I've used 'Tapping' with clients with great results!

So far it's a 2 steps forward, 1 step back kinda week - Frustrating! After the cursing & the deep breaths, this is what helps me: I try appreciation (from the little things like clean water to drink, to the big things, like having a home. Then I ask what small step can I take to help this situation. It's one step at a time.

A doctor speaking out about the flu vaccine & what to do if you contract flu.

STILL ON MY KEEPING STRESS AT BAY KICK - Had a fabulous walk along Arklow beach today - freezing but plenty of vitamin D on offer!

I've had an extremely stressful few days (still stressful now but slightly less so). I'm sitting here thinking about what got me through & 3 things I did automatically, really helped. Maybe they might help you too if you find yourself suffering such stress. 1. Don't be afraid to ask for help. It's taken me a long time to learn this but I reached out & got emotional support. 2. Find some way to relax, be that prayer, Youtube relaxation for 10 mins., get outside in the air, or just breathe through your belly (ye, it really works!). Try a little exercise as well. 3. Eat as healthily as you can - this boosts your immune system Oh! one more thing, I find music really helps me-whatever genre floats your boat. All the best, Marian

GIVING YOUR NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS STICKING POWER - 3 things I've learned over the (many) years: 1. Keep your resolutions simple, one thing at a time. 2. Be realistic - try not aim too high. 3. Break down your goal into manageable chunks. Oh ye, one more thing - imagine ACHIEVING your goal - YOU CAN DO IT!

WHY RAIN IS A GOOD THING! (Honest) - It's been a very wet day in Arklow today, so I thought I'd try to change my perspective a little, so here's my 3 reasons why rain is ok: You can cook & bake something comforting - I made brownies. Don't feel pressure to wash the car now. Having a bit of a binge watch - did a mini one of those.


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