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Vintage LEGO collection.  I wish to share my happiness to you!


Thanks so much my dearest❤️ ! 好多謝好友日本的手信😭😍💋💋 名古屋 LEGOLAND Japan Grand Opening Brick and Factory Brick

多謝老公😍送我的新年禮物。👦🏻👧🏻❤️😍今晚終於送到屋企!😱 (儍人有儍福😂,呢盒價$好好,可能係天意) Thanks my hubby so much for giving me LEGO Inside Tour 2015 set 4000020 (H.C. Andersen's "Clumsy Hans" by Dagny Holm) as the New Year Gift! So intact, beautiful and perfect box 💯💯💎

LEGO No. 234 Letter Bricks (Year 1958)

Hello ! I am the "handsome" 😅🙄LEGO Belville Merman (2005) from set 5960 😆

Vintage Duplo Doll Set 2951 "Lisa" :❤️ produced in Year 2001. Thanks Rex Poon very much ! Creepy😅....not really 😁

終於得閒開舊包裹,齊sets 影全家福💕✈️✈️✈️😭 Finally I have time to open the old parcels and clean these sets......😭 Love the Lufthansa polybag designed by Mel ❤️so much ! And the vintage LEGO homemaker Lufthansa Cabin Crew 1561 and Plane 1562 (both: Year 1976) Specially made for Lufthansa.

One of my favourite collection❤️😍: 1591 Danone Delivery Truck is a Danone Promotional set release in 1980. Printed logo. MISB. 👍🏻 Love it so much as I have worked in Danone France Company for few years. 我曾經做過呢間法國公司,好有感情😚 公司 products 有 乳酪🐮、Kronenbourg 1664 beer, Evian 礦泉水etc. 那些年重有賣廣告:😉 買 Danone yoghurt (某D series) 睇packing 上的特別數字,寄回就可以有1架。

1958 年的 VW Garage (set 306), 襯埋 1954 年的 LEGO 吉祥物「怪嬰」⋯V scary😱. 已打包⋯我自己都頂唔順😅😅😅。 When vintage VW garage set 306 (1958) meets the creepy LEGO mascot (1954).😱😱😅 The LEGO Mascot (1954) has the old LEGO logo on his chest.

1932年的智慧😍,walking。I appreciate so much for the innovation of waking mechanics in the wood LEGO waking man. 😍😎. Year 1932

Happy sharing with you: 我的 LEGO 木頭人(腳可動) 1932-1939。 Lego wooden walking Man (Gyldenspjaet)fm the early LEGO Years 1932-1939 . Known in Lego Archive / Registered as Series 134 (recently confirmed by Lego Museum in Billund , Denmark, 1 month ago) So happy it's in very good Condition, walking well in excellent Mechanics. (Will share my video v soon)