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教育學院 小小科學家探索課程

The HKIEd, 10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong
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This is the official facebook page of Little Scientist Exploration Programme, held by the Department of Science and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences,  The Hong Kong Institute of Education.

About the programme:

1. 七個精彩課程內容: 環境科學、生活化學、環境科技、地球科學、食物科學、海洋科學、太空科學、生命科學。
2. 科學與環境學系 教授及講師
3. 師生比例低至1 比5的小班教學下上課
4. 參加者可獲頒參與證書,另外設多個奬項,如抗震建築大奬、最具科學探究精神組、最樂於助人奬、最具科學潛能奬等。

1. 8 interesting science modules: environmental science, chemistry of daily life, environmental technology, earth science, food science, ocean science, space science, life science.
2. Coordination and design: Professors and lecturers of Science and Environmental Science
3. Small class teaching that teacher-student ratio as low as 1 to 5.
4. Participation certificates and various awards for in-course games.

學費    :$1200
(包括: 包括: 實驗及學習材料、 證書、 茶點等)
日期     : 2014年11月15日-12月13日 (逢星期六)
課程時間 : A班: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
B班: 02:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
堂數    :共5堂
年齡對象 :小四至小六
上課地址 : 香港教育學院大埔校園
交通安排 :免費專車來回接送往返大學港鐵站
報名方法 :將填妥的申請表格傳真至2948 8591 或電郵至。
電話: 2948 7952
傳真: 2948 7676

Fee         : $1200 (including experiments, notes, refreshments, etc.)
Date        : 15-11-2014  to  13-12-2014

No. of lessons : 5
Target Students: P4-P6
Address: The Hong Kong Institutes of Education’s school campus
Transportation: shuttle service between University MTR station and Campus.
Methods of Application: Application form can be faxed to 2948 8591 or e-mailed to
For enquiry, contact Miss Wong
Telephone no.: 2948 7952
Fax: 2948 7676
Email: mantwong

1. 申請表格可於此網站下載:
2. 香港教育學院科學與環境學系主要專注於科學、環境、常識及通識科的發展、研究及教學工作,以更好地培育科學與環境領域的優秀人才。(詳情可瀏覽科學與環境學網站:

1. Application from can be downloaded via:
2. The Department of Science and Environmental Studies (SES) is composed of experienced and devoted professionals specialized in four core areas of Science, Environmental Studies, General Studies and Liberal Studies. (More details can be found in the website of SES Department: )


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