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Brighton Academy Hong Kong

1A Second Street, Sok Kwu Wan, Hong Kong



Brighton Academy is a nonprofit preparatory kindergarten for children 3 – 6 years old located in south Lamma Island, Hong Kong.  Brighton Academy is a nonprofit (a Section 88 company under Hong Kong’s Inland Revenue Department) preparatory kindergarten for children 3 – 6 years old located in Sok Kwu Wan, a small community of 500 people on south Lamma Island

Brighton marries social and emotional intelligence with deep thinking and academic excellence in a small classroom setting thereby addressing many of the existing pain points confronting the current early education paradigm in Hong Kong

Our educators incorporate up to 8 accredited teaching methodologies to create their own curriculum, weave together social and intellectual learning, and collaborate to establish the foundations of a highly creative, dynamic, and impactful school

We believe innovation in education can be frugal and scalable which is why our content and methodologies are all open source and freely available to innovative educators in Hong Kong

Assessment of student performance is core to our offering as is ensuring strong communication between parent and teacher; and thus, we’ve developed a free proprietary mobile application called “KinderKonnect” which tracks our students daily progress


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