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Lovinkit 墨子

Flat B 1/F Kinga Court 205-209 Yee Kuk Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
Tattoo & Piercing Shop



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Lexi Hi there! This is Jayers and I am a tattoo artist from Hong Kong. I have also created Lovinkit Apparel as an affordable alternative for fans out there who like my artwork other than getting tattooed. It is a street wear brand, and I design all the prints on the products myself, and print them one by one by my very own hands. So every piece of them is an art itself! If you like Lovinkit spread the words! Enjoy my work=)

大家好!我叫J.K.係一個香港嘅女紋身師。Lovinkit 墨子係我的紋身工作間和墨子服裝的陳列室。每一件產品上面嘅印花都係我自己設計同親手逐件人手印上去的,希望有更多鍾意我嘅藝術嘅朋友可以受惠,因為我知道唔係所有人都想或者可以紋身,於是辦Lovinkit墨子這概念便誕生了!睇過我啲野又鍾意嘅話請多多支持呀!其實香港都有好多好野架=)

Lovinkit,意思大概係鍾意墨水嘅服裝, 中文名係墨子,除了因為小女子喜歡用墨水作藝之外,亦信奉中國墨家思想主張嘅兼愛,希望由產品帶出更多無階級嘅大愛俾大家,互相尊重,噤社會就能更共融啦=)



有三個月冇搞Flash Day喇,唔知大家有無少少期待😏下星期五(15/12)我地會有2017年度最後一個Flash Day ! 今次搞搞新意思,客席紋身師Gunnar都會即場做啲小紋身,無需預約,先到先得!另外當日搵豆腐穿環亦會有八五折優惠唷👀活動當日墨子開放時間為下午一時至八時❤希望到時見到你! We are having another Flash Day the coming Friday 15/12! Come and join us if you are interested to get a small sized tattoo from any of our three resident artists plus Gunnar, our guest artist!😊 Our piercer Topher will also do 15% off on all piercing on that day !!! Door opens 1pm to 8pm on the day! No bookings needed! See you soon!

Gunnar 已經嚟左香港喇,佢將會帶埋佢最新嘅畫作嚟墨子鋪頭💡對佢嘅作品感興趣就要快啲查詢訂購!聽講已經有兩幅畫作被客人留起😍想買幅有獨特風格嘅畫作嚟裝飾一下屋企又好似幾啱feel喎!有興趣歡迎私訊我們查詢! Gunnar is joining us at Lovinkittattoo for the next couple of days! He has arrived Hong Kong and brought some of his latest paintings with him! Take a look 👀 and if you are interested to buy a painting from Gunnar please feel free to find us through email or message👍 Two of the paintings are reserved already so act quick!

留意我地嘅 instagram story,可以見到最近幾位師傅嘅紋身project ! 未諗好點設計個纹身亦可以由instagram 攞啲靈感😎就去我地IG睇睇: Follow us on Instagram to see daily updates of our artists’ recent works! We also do a instagram story almost everyday, so please feel free to get your tattoo inspiration on our page.

感謝各位客人對客席紋身師Gunnar 的支持!依家淨番12月8日一個預約未有登記! 想搵Gunnar紋身嘅朋友要立即搵我地喇! Thanks for all the support to out upcoming guest artist Gunnar! There is now one spot left on 8/12(this Friday)!! Please inbox us now if you are interested in getting a tattoo from Gunnar💕 Please email us at or message us on facebook!

Black Sheep Restaurants最近在網誌中分享了解廚師團隊中的紋身經驗,而其中一位廚師Luke更透露最滿意的一位紋身師傅是我們墨子的Alan。 There is a blog post on Hong Kong tattoo artists suggestions recommended by several chefs from Black Sheep Restaurants! Lung Yu Alan tattooed on Chef Luke! Click here to see the full article! 如果想睇整個訪問可click入: ________________________ To see Alan’s work and his recent tattoo projects: 如果想了解更多Alan的風格和作品,可click入:

感謝呢位客人上瑜珈堂都不忘幫個痊癒的紋身留影🙏🏻 Great thanks to Alan’s client for this wonder healed picture taken during her yoga class💕

一齊睇睇星期三穿環優惠活動當日,豆腐嘅作品! 有客人揀左免費升級嘅耳環😍想要預約穿環服務,可以以電郵與我們聯絡! Thanks for all who came for piercing discount event on Wednesday! Here are the piercings done by Topher at the event😎 To book a piercing appointment with Topher, please feel free to whatsapp him at 59686991.

Painting by Gunnar Foley. 紋身以外,好多纹身師都會用畫畫表現其藝術設計。對Gunnar的畫作感興趣的話,他十二月註店時會帶些小型畫作供大家選購,歡迎透過電郵與我們聯絡,了解更多。 If you are interested in Gunnar’s painting, please email us for more info! They are for sell and he will be bringing some of his latest artwork to HK! #hongkongtattoo #guestartistwelcome #lovinkittattoo #hktattoo #guestartist

好多時我地都會遇到有客人想紋身,但唔知想搵邊位師傅紋😏歡迎留意我地嘅 instagram story,有片有真相,又可以見到最近幾位師傅嘅紋身project ! 未諗好點設計個纹身亦可以由instagram 攞啲靈感😎就去我地IG睇睇: Follow us on Instagram to see daily updates of our artists’ recent works! We also do a instagram story almost everyday, so please feel free to get your tattoo inspiration on our page.

提提大家:今日搵豆腐穿環有九折😍想穿環又擔心衞生問題,搵我地嘅專業穿環師豆腐就可以放心。今日中午12:00-晚上10:00歡迎大家來穿環喔,仲未約時間就whatsapp 豆腐 5968 6991 查詢啦😎已經預約穿環嘅朋友一陣見! Get your piercing discount today with our professional piercer Topher! Enjoy 10% off on any piercing done today at Lovinkittattoo 😍 Make your appointment now with Topher through whatsapp 5968 6991! Piercing service is available from noon 12:00 to 10:00 tonight! See you later!

其實我地差不多日日都有拍instagram story架!想知最近三位紋身師做緊咩project,就去我地IG睇睇: We do instagram story almost everyday! Here is what we are working on recently😎 Send us more of your love on our instagram❤️

最近Alan做左好幾個 dotwork 紋身都係喺手踭位置💪幾個作品都有種向外延伸的設計,想要類似的紋身,歡迎查詢及預約哦😎可以去佢Instagram 比個❤️ Check out these dotwork done by Alan on the elbow/ ditch! For more of Alan's work give him a follow on his Instagram !