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Eager to test your own abilities and knowledge? Then gather up your friends, form a team, and join us at the Academic Cup 2017! To know more about the competition, a briefing session is available today at 18:30, at LT1, Cheng Yu Tung Building, see you there! To register for the briefing session (Sep 5): To register for participation in the Academic Cup (From Sep 6 08:00 to Sept 10 23:59): #CUHKBusinessSchool #Undergraduates #AcademicCup #CaseCompetition

Monday Message #1 Who are You? From Prof. Andy Wong, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) Dear students, This is a day to remember. You are officially a university student. You are a CUHK Business School student. Perhaps this is the first school day you don’t need to wear a uniform. You don’t have a fixed timetable that runs your life. You are free: free to learn things that matter to you, free to choose a life you want, free to decide who you are. Who are you? What does the identity of a university student mean to you? Let me give you some ideas about who you are. When you decide who you want to become, you will know how to make the best out of the next four years. You are a CUHK Business School student. You are a thinker. From today, you must form your own opinion. Don’t just listen, memorize and then regurgitate on exams. Think independently. Ask questions. Challenge the status quo. The usual way is not necessarily the best way. So don’t be lazy and just follow. Instead, innovate and lead. But don’t expect this is an easy path. Ground-breaking ideas always make people uncomfortable. Their natural reaction is resistance. You must have courage, patience and faith. You are also a dreamer. Some people believe business education is all about getting a good job and make a fortune. Although these “side effects” happen all the time, the implicit pragmatism is wrong. Business students, you are dreamers. Remember when you were young, you dreamed the laughable and impossible dreams. You believed you can fly and you can change the world. And then someone told you to keep your feet on the ground. Reality creeps in and takes away your ability to dream. Now it’s time to get it back. Don’t dream small dreams. Don’t dream about getting a high-paid job. Small dreams make you small. Instead, ask yourself what matters to you. Spend the next 4 years to find your true calling. There are problems in the world. Climate change, income inequality, animal cruelty, injustice…can some of them be gone one day? Can we use our knowledge and intelligence to make a difference? You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one. You are also a winner. Our students are winners. They are truly outstanding in many aspects. For example, we have been winning in local and international case competitions. CUHK students are the most sought after by employers. Business graduates on average get 2 offers. This year, CUHK Business School is likely number 1 in terms of admission quality. In the past, we didn’t usually talk about our achievements, but this will change because everyone needs to know, especially you. Be humble. But don’t be too humble. Sometimes, our modesty becomes a tool of self-protection. We shield ourselves from disappointment or even ridicule when we aim lower. Please don’t fear failure. A winner can fail and fall. The winning attitude will help you get up and keep going. Winning is not about glory and reward. Winning is about the motivation to improve and the will to succeed. Believe in yourself. Make winning a habit. They (senior students) did it. You can do it. Come on you thinker, you dreamer, you winner, and shine. The secret to realizing your dreams and winning is here: you must work hard. Meet Nick Cheung Ka Fai. He is one of the best actors in Hong Kong. 4 years ago, when he was 48, he was given a role as an MMA fighter in a movie. Nick trained for a few months, pushing himself to the limit and completely transformed himself both physically and artistically in the way he acts. Google him and you’d see his incredible transformation. He once said, “You might not have it now, but you will have it soon.” I believe there is a missing half in this quote: “You might not have it now, but you will have it soon if you work hard enough.” My students, my friends, winners need no excuse. Work hard. Work very hard. You will become who you want to be. Yours, Andy

Thanks for coming! Wish you a fruitful and unforgettable year in Business School!

Prof Andy Wong, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies ended the ceremony by encouraging students to be Thinkers, Dreamers and Winners.

A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Attitude, Will, Energy, Strategy, Ownership, Motion, Experience. The 7 inspiring habits from Mr Weber Lo, Honoree of the CUHK Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter.

Congratulations to Mr Weber Lo, Citi Country Officer & Chief Executive Officer Hong Kong and Macau who has just been awarded the Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter Honoree Award!

Extend your learning beyond the classroom. Be innovative. Embrace a global perspective. Cultivate a social responsibility mindset. Make full use of Hong Kong's location as part of the Pearl River Delta. Advice from our Dean, Prof Kalok Chan to all Business School freshmen.

We are ready!!! The Inauguration Ceremony for Undergraduates is going to begin at 11:45 a.m. at CYT LT1. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!

Remember to join us at the School’s Tea Reception after University’s Inauguration Ceremony next Monday (Sep 4), for a mingling session with program directors, faculty members, and staff! Looking forward to seeing you all here! #CUHK #CUHKBusinessSchool #Undergraduates #InaugurationCeremony #FacultyTeaReception #Freshmen #Orientation

To provide students with extra help and support, the Undergraduate Office enquiry counter service will be available during the lunch hours starting from September 1! #CUHKBusinessSchool #UGO #NewOfficeHours

[Shout out to all freshmen] Ever get the feeling that there are way too many documents to read during the orientation period? Watch our Orientation Video with our student cast explaining all the essential information and resources to help you activate your first year! #CUHKBusinessSchool #Undergraduates #OrientationVideo #Freshmen #Orientation


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