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Piccolo Pizzeria & Bar

Shop 1E, Davis Street (Opposite to the Merton), Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Italian Restaurant



Kennedy Town: Shop 1E, Davis Street, Kennedy Town
Tai Hang: Shop G, 90 Tung Lo Wan Road, Wun Sha Street
Wan Chai: Shop 4/5, 22 Tai Wong Street East Piccolo Pizzeria & Bar is an affordable, casual and relaxed neighborhood pizzeria.

We want to be simply honest to “goodness”, serving thin-crusted Rome styled pizzas and hearty classic pastas.  Our menu is short:  a couple of salads and soups, a few rustic tasty pastas and of course great pizzas cooked in a gas-fired oven.  Whatever dish we serve must be an authentic representation of what it is supposed to taste.  

Our service team is totally relaxed, and all of us love great food!  Ok…. The wine list is somewhat biased - because we list wines from what we think is the most exciting wine region in the world: Burgundy.

Late hours in Piccolo:  Lights are dimmed, as we’ve fit in a retro-looking turntable, playing classic jazz and serving fruity Sangrias in jugs.  Fun!!

Our delivery service is called Piccolo Express (2824 2000), which only serves the Western District in HK Island because we are pretty determined not to deliver soggy pizzas!  We are committed to deliver within 15 mins after the food is prepared.

- Kennedy Town: Shop 1E, Davis Street, Kennedy Town
- Tai Hang: 1 Wun Sha Street, Tai Hang


Piccolo Tai Hang menu 🤗🤗🤗 New pizzas and pastas 😃 Take away - 20243001 😎 Delivery - Deliveroo / Foodpanda 💨

Piccolo Kennedy Town x Foodpanda 🖒 & Deliveroo 🖒Gourmet Pizzas at your door step! 💨💨💨 Takeaway - 28243000 💬💬💬

Piccolo Kennedy Town NEW Pizzas menu - 11 October, 2017 🤗 Welcome back ITALIAN EGG 🐣🐣🐣 !

Piccolo Kennedy Town New Takeaway menu - 11 October, 2017. Come to taste our NEW Pizzas 🤗

Piccolo Kennedy Town New Set Lunch Menu - 11 October, 2017. Come to taste our NEW Pizzas 🤗

Piccolo Tai Hang NEW pizza menu ! Start on 7 September,2017. Come to taste our new pizzas!

[Typhoon Weather Means Pizza Weather!!] Piccolo remains open under typhoon signal no.8 or above. Come enjoy our pizzas and pasta under the wind! Pizza buy one get one free! For dine in and take away ( no delivery ) Address : Shop 1E, Davis Street, Kennedy Town. 28243000 Address : 1 Wun Sha Street, Tai Hang. 28243001

ALOHA! Can't wait for the summer adventure! Visit Piccolo in Kennedy Town to appcertiate our newly painted wall art by Ben Qwek, a Singapore based illustrator. ALOHA! 已經感受到夏天嘅氣息喇! 快啲嚟我哋堅尼地城嘅餐廳一路食薄餅一路欣賞吓Ben Qwek(新加坡名設計師)嘅壁畫作品啦! #PiccoloPizzera #Pizzeria #WallofHK #KennedyTown #TaiHang #hkig

Have you ever tried the delicious sweetness of apple topped on pizza before? 菠蘿就食得多啦,你又有冇試過用香甜嘅蘋果做薄餅配料呢? #PiccoloPizzera #Pizzeria #KennedyTown #badapplepizza #TaiHang #hkig

【Monday & Tuesday Madness】 So hard to choose when your mouth wants both. Why only get one when you can get two? Drop by today and tomorrow to enjoy our Buy One Get One Free offer on our freshly baked pizzas. 十五十六唔知揀邊個好?可以兩隻味都要哂就梗係最好啦! 係咪已經心郁郁呢?星期一二嚟Piccolo堂食/外賣薄餅都有買一送一優惠㗎! Notes: *Available for all dine-in and takeaway #PiccoloPizzeria #MondayMadness #TuesdayMadness #pizzalovers #KennedyTown #TaiHang #Foodie #HKFoodie #Buy1Get1

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