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Visual Culture Optical

21 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay , Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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The spectacles of see and been seen.     In line with the appreciation of 500-year eyeglasses developmental history process, and the expectation of integration of the visual change with the new technological development, together with the comprehensive professional eyecare services, Visual Culture Optical Limited was established. We hope to become the concentration point of the history of eyeglasses all over the world. Together with the professional knowledge of optics and ocular health, the intrinsic values of eyeglasses become a kind of culture———–the Visual Culture.
We search all over the world regularly, including USA, France, Holland, Italy, Spanish, Japan, etc, to collect different kinds of special eyeglasses brands. In extreme, people in some of the places even cannot communicate by words. But just body language and sincerity to get every piece of glasses.
Moreover, most of the brands are just limited production and some of them are originated in small town or at countryside with glorious history. They are not striving for world-known, but just work hard to do the best glasses. Therefore, each eyeglasses are rigorously fabricated, and integrated with the classical history of different places. Regarding this, we are greatly respecting and appreciating.If the value of each eyeglasses indicated the history and culture of the brand, then the professional eyecare services and eye examination should by and analogy of the intrinsic value of the lens. We have optometrist from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and government registered optometrist to provide different kinds of eyecare services including pre-school eye examination for kids and aftercare, together with the instruments that not all common optical shop would afford, such as Goldmann tonometer and Volk lens for dilated fundus examination.

It is our mission to bring comprehensive ocular health services to each customer. We also have contact lens prescription and aftercare services, together with the full stock of disposable contact lens, we aim at a convenience contact prescribing service for each customers.
Although we pay high attention to professional services for each customer and appreciate the eyeglasses culture, we greatly need your support. Without your kindly support and opinion, we still cannot bring such brands with characteristic, glorious history and appreciable culture to Hong Kong. Thank you!



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