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St. Rose of Lima's School Past Students' Association

29 Ngan Shing Street, Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Middle School



From St. Rose to St. Rose The Past Students’ Association (PSA) of St. Rose of Lima’s School was officially established in 1969 with the aims to promote unity and friendship among old girls, as well as to further the interests and development of St. Rose of Lima’s School/ College. All through these years, PSA has endeavored to achieve these aims. We have always been there when our alma mater needs us: expansion of the campus, moving the secondary section to the Shatin campus, celebrations of 40th, 50th and 60th anniversaries, and, now, the reconstruction of the Embankment Road campus.

Come and join us.



又係我Catherine Lui, 今晚風雨不改在盆菜宴見大家。有興趣想買閃閃校章和一睹這條限量版Rosalima 頸鍊就去58號枱搵我啦!

Ming Pao today....check it out Rosians

Dear Rosians, Remember Sr. Lucylia ? Anybody who has been taught by her in Art Club? School Choir? One of her art students, Grace told me that she used to teach her writing Gothic style and classic italic in western calligraphy class. Well, in memory of her.. some of us have decided to use classic italic in writing “Rosalima” and design it as a necklace .... do u like it? There are two versions, one with some bling bling and the other is just a plain one. We haven’t set a price yet but likely current students can get it with a discount. Oh in case some of you are attending the Poon choi dinner on Sunday night at Shatin Campus and would like to check out this pendent or buy the bling bling school badge, feel free to goto table 58 and look for me. So do bring your cheque book along. Cheers Catherine Lui Vice President SRL PSA

Today is the deadline of buying tickets for our Poon Choi Dinner. If you haven't got one yet, please call our school office (23371867) as soon as possible. See you all next week. ☺️

We are pleased to report that the cremation urn specially ordered from the States has arrived and Mrs. Gaggino will join her husband in this beautiful urn at St. Michael's. The ceremony of placing the cremation urn in the niche will be held at 2:00- 3:30pm on 27th November (Monday) at St. Michael's Cemetery, Happy Valley. All Rosians are welcome to join. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the ceremony.

First meeting of the volunteers of the 70th Anniversary Gala Dinner. Thanks so much everyone.

錯過了gala dinner 的校友不妨參加open day 後的盆菜宴 詳情請細閲留言位置的通告並直接與學校聯絡方小姐23371867

各位靚靚校友,我係Catherine Lui, 今日想同你地update 一下有關70週年gala dinner 嘅事宜。其實我地organising committee 已經不知不覺經歴了寒冬與炎夏嘅會議(有圖有真相!)務求令大家過一個難忘的聚會。 1)當日除左有「經典景點」讓大家selfie 外,還有好多喜出望外的SRL手信讓各位善長人翁購買,所以記得帶d散紙和支票薄係身啦。 2)而且我地係會好準時7pm入場和關門進行開幕儀式所以想與同學、退休老師、修女在特設「景點」拍照就記得記得記得記得6pm左右到達,勿失良機! 3)最後我地organising committee 誠邀已購票的校友加盟做義工。當日在開始活動前有好多濕碎事項要打點,若果有同學吾介意請在留言區🙋🏻舉手或pm 我地 4)已購買bling Bling 校章的同學記得當日扣在心口一起集體回憶一下啦 The Gala Dinner Organising Committee is formed by the primary section and secondary section of the two Past Students’ Associations Miss Selina Siu ( President, primary section) Dr. Amy Chan ( President, secondary section Secretary, primary section) Miss Irene Wong ( Vice President, primary section) Miss Leslie Shiu ( Vice President, secondary section) Miss Catherine Lui (Vice President, secondary section) Miss Ellen Lam (Treasurer, primary section)

St. Rose in Macau

Let's go Rosians....

We have collected our bling bling school badges.. how about you? For those who had ordered before, Remember to contact us and let us know if u prefer the LED box or the velvet bag. You can also choose a pick up point. U can collect the school badge in St. Rose of Lima's College (shatin campus) or at Ludus Kindergarten. For security reason, those who will collect the school badge MUST register your name with us and can only collect the badge within a specific period.

We are happy to inform you that the brooches are ready for pick up. We have two pick-up points: 1. Ludus Kindergarten and Nursery Address: (2/F, Le Billionnaire, No. 46 Sa Po Road, Kowloon) Date: Starting from 3 October 2017, Monday to Saturday (except Public Holidays) Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm 2. St. Rose of Lima’s College Address: 29 Ngan Shing Street, Shatin Date: 9 -20 October 2017, Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays) Time: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm (Please come to collect the order in person. Only the person registered with us would be allowed to enter the school due to security reason.) Price: HK$280 (with a velvet bag) HK$300 (with a box with LED light) We only accept payment by cheque payable to “St. Rose of Lima’s School Past Students’ Association”. Please write your name and contact number on the back of the cheque. Bling Bling校章已經有貨啦!有兩個提貨點: 1.念蘅幼稚園 地址:九龍城沙浦道46號豪門2樓 日期:2017年10月3日起,星期一至六(公眾假期除外) 時間:上午九時至下午四時 2. 聖羅撒書院 地址:沙田銀城街廿九號 日期:2017年10月9至20日,星期一至五(公眾假期除外) 時間:上午九時三十分至下午四時三十分 (基於學校保安理由,必須由登記本人親身領取) 售價: HK$280 (連絲絨袋) HK$300 (連LED盒) 只接受支票付款,抬頭“St. Rose of Lima’s School Past Students’ Association”. 請於支票背面寫上姓名及聯絡電話。


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