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Whilst we're walking tortoises inside the Hong Kong Stock Exchange data center, see who's photobombing :)

While most of your kids are back to school today, at JG we are welcoming a few of many new lives born here. A lot of hard work is starting but fun, too. What a wonderful time of the year.

We had a blast with such a great family of animal lovers.

This was after a great party with Coco's family!

Today we celebrate World Snake Day a meme of Goatee Toni bonding with a beautiful reticulated python in Malaysia.

Too cute to watch. But don't blame him. Handling snapping turtles is harder than you might think.

She likes her new heart-shaped pool and is spinning silk on the poolside. That's for better grip crawling on it but results in making a lovely heart-shaped outline.

Talking animals on radio 16:30

Our sugar gliders can make a big leap and land into your hands

This bamboo pit viper we removed from a client's house was underweight. After a number of feedings now she's in good shape and ready to go back to nature soon.

Haven't been on radio for a decade. Finally Goatee Toni talks about his work at JG.

So happy to be invited by the FIS. We had a great time, as usual.


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