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Goki International Holding Co.,Ltd(高崎國際控股有限公司)

Flat 7, 14F, Shiu Fat Industrial Building, 139-141Wai Yip Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
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More Than Power Established in 1995, Goki has become a leading provider in power adapters, battery charges, batteries and digital accessories for mobile phones, digital camera and camcorders. We provide a high level of service in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and facilitate the business scope of our clients.

With the innovative ideas and core technology, products of Goki have been successfully bundled with mobile phones and digital products of world leading makers. Our product are designed and certified to comply with internationally recognized safety standards. Our manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China, allows our products to be cost-effective and competitive while time-to-market is minimized.

Goki offers customers competitive outsourcing advantages locally and regionally. We offer benefits to our customers including shortened product time-to-market, reduced total cost of ownership and more effective operation by providing a vertically integrated procurement solution. Goki helps its customers to grow swiftly as they can outsource more of their design and manufacturing functions so they are able to focus on their core competencies for market penetration enrichment.

In Goki quality, which matters more than anything, is the most important contributor to our success. Our processes are examined on a regular basis for compliance while quality of our products is cautiously verified throughout the various stages of the product cycle including: product design, engineering, prototyping, production, testing, and product assembly. The quality culture drives the refinement of our processes, products and services.



Global Sources Mobile Show 😍全場最獨特焦點所在😍

Quick Powerbank Selfie Without Bluetooth & Wifi 97% Faster than Bluetooth or Wifi Access. Check us to see how!!

揸車人士大喜訊 GOKI Jump Starter 暑假大優惠😍😍😍 GCB-1002A The 12V Leather Car Jump Starter (15000mAh) 產品詳情 FEATURES : 12V and 5V power input available Support to charge mobile phone with the USB output Capable for 6000cc vehicles EC8 Connector (Max. Current handling capacity: 400A) Battery Alligator Clips , Large Zig Zag Shape Backflow Prevention SPECIFICATION : Model : GCB-1002A Capacity : 15000 mAh Battery Type : Li-Polymer Battery Input : 5V/1.5A Input : 12V/1.5A Output : 5V/3A Output : 12V Dimensions : 82.4(W) x 192.5(L) x 38.5(D) mm Weight : 1451g (Battery 627g + Accessories & Carrying Case 824g) Accessories : Micro USB Charging Cable, 12V Car chager cable, Alligator clip Material : PU Leather, ABS, PC 特徵 : 12V和5V電源輸入可用 支持使用USB輸出為手機充電 能夠為6000cc車輛 EC8連接器(最大電流處理能力:400A) 電池鱷魚夾,大型Zig Zag形狀 防回流 規格: 型號:GCB-1002A 容量:15000 mAh 電池類型:鋰聚合物電池 輸入:5V / 1.5A 輸入:12V / 1.5A 輸出:5V / 3A 輸出:12V 尺寸:82.4(W)×192.5(L)×38.5(D)mm 重量:1451g(電池627g +附件及手提箱824g) 配件:Micro USB充電線 + 12V汽車器 + 鱷魚夾 材質:PU皮,ABS,PC

揸車人士大喜訊 GOKI Jump Starter 大優惠😍😍😍

【新年禮物】最好選GOKI 最新皮革充電套裝 優惠期。 [推廣日期:由即日起至2017年1月26日] 了解更多: #新年禮物 #goki #香港設計品牌 #安全有保障 #充電寶 #香港品牌 #powerbank #p #自家品牌 #原創作品 @gokistyle

【新年禮物】最好選GOKI 最新皮革充電套裝 優惠期。 [推廣日期:由即日起至2017年1月26日] 了解更多:

Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition)2016

汽車無法啟動時、GOKI GCB-1002 Jump Starter(汽車啟動器) 幫到你,高崎給揸車人士既最大喜訊 二十項全能!!!! 車迷必備救車充!!!! Goki- GCB-1002 容量: 15000mAh 輸入: 5V/1.5A(一般手機充電器), 12V 輸出: 5V/3A, 12V 擁有專業產品保護功能: 。打車次數可達10-15次 。過充保護 。過放保護 。防倒流保護 。防短路系統 。電池使用合乎國際標準的Lithium-Polymer 。啟動電流高達300-600A 。峰鳴系統(安全提示警報器) 。溫度保護 (高效能環境適應, 約零下20至60度) 。防反插口 (防止反方向連接汽車電池的正極和負極) 。可啟動6000cc以下排量之12V電油汽車 。應急啟動 (可啟動5V產品, 可供手機,電玩,平板電腦等充電) 。皮革外觀設計 (盡顯個人品味) 。智能LED電量顯示 (分秒掌控電量情況) 。人性化輸入設計, 可使用12V(最快約可4小時內充滿產品)及5V充電 。打車次數高達50次 (在使用溫度範圍內) 。外殼 (ABS+PC頂級防火物料) 。燈號識別提示功能 (紅燈=不運作, 藍燈=可運作) 。求救及強光照明系統 (於黑夜發出信息) 。防塵保護塞 (防止外來物影響輸出口) Youtube: 更多產品請登陸 ** 20 Strengths of GOKI Car Jump Starter ** Goki- GCB-1002 Capacity: 15000mAh Input: 5V/1.5A(Charger for 5V digital devices), 12V Output: 5V/3A, 12V Professional protection systems: 。Start vehicles about 10-15 times consecutively 。Over-Charge protection 。Over-Discharge protection 。Over current protection 。Short-circuit protection 。Lithium Polymer Battery fulfills international standards 。Starting current up to 300-600A 。Buzzer system (Safety alarm) 。Extreme temperature protection (Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C) 。Reverse polarity protection (Prevent reverse connection of postive pole and negative pole of car battery) 。Able to start 12V gasoline vehicles with 6000c.c. or below 。Able to charge 5V devices, such as mobile phones, portable game players and tablets 。Leather style design (Personal taste) 。Intelligent 4 LED indication(Check remianing power) 。User-friendly input design, to be charged by either 12V (about 4 hours) or 5V 。Start vehicles up to 50 times (Under operating temperature) 。Heat proof casing (ABS+PC) 。Signal Light (Red Light=not functioning , Blue Light=functioning) 。SOS and lighting function (Built-in LED tourch) 。Anti Dust Cap (Prevent external substance entering output port) Youtube: More products please visit:

CXX-1225 “超薄皮革風格” 功能: 輸入 : 5V/ 1A 輸出 : 5V/ 2.1A 容量 : 5000mAh, 有顏色選擇: 白色、黑色、桃紅色、啡色 本產品已購買產品保險!!!

【潮送 P o k e D A T A !!!!!!!!!!!!】 全城熱玩Pokemon Go! Goki 送數據同你Go! 現凡購買Goki【皮革】CXX-1229, 即送你任用數據卡!! -購買一件CXX-1229即送【一張 14天6GB (4G) 快速流動數據咭+無限WiFi熱點!】 團購更有額外優惠!歡迎查詢! 產品規格: 型號: CXX-1229 容量:10000mAh(Lithium Polymer Battery) 輸入: 2A 輸出: 2.4A 功能: 大容量皮革外置充 體驗價:$360(數量有限售完即止!) **'本產品已購全球產品責任保險** 更多產品請瀏覽 速購熱線: 2718 7500 #PokemonGo #香港品牌 #本地創作

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