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Hong Kong International Airport 香港國際機場

1 Sky Plaza Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, 00000 Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong



The Official Facebook Page of Hong Kong International Airport 香港國際機場是世界上最繁忙的貨運樞紐,也是全球最繁忙客運機場之一。從香港國際機場出發,可於五小時內飛抵全球半數人口居住地。
在2016年,香港國際機場的總客運量達 7 050萬人次,貨運量共452萬公噸。機場連接全球約190個航點,包括42個內地城市。超過100家航空公司在機場營運,每天提供約1 100 班航班。

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is the world's busiest cargo gateway and one of the world's busiest passenger airports. It is located less than five flying hours from half of the world's population.
In 2016, HKIA welcomed 70.5 million passengers and handled 4.52 million tonnes of cargo. The airport is connected to about 190 destinations, including 42 in the Mainland, through about 1,100 daily flights operated by more than 100 airlines.
Since its opening in July 1998, HKIA adheres to four core values – Safety, Efficiency, Customer Service and Environment. This commitment has earned the airport the recognition as the world's best airport for over 60 times.


推廣輕營飲食、以綠色餐單為主打嘅Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go喺香港國際機場隆重開幕!餐廳主打嘅香草料理採用本地新鮮食材,無論係手製工匠麵包定特色慢壓果汁都有「營」到飛起!下次飛,你仲唔識揀? 位置:香港國際機場一號客運大樓5樓接機大堂B 營業時間:07:00 - 23:00 Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go has arrived in Hong Kong International Airport! Made of local fresh ingredients of high quality, Flight Club's herbs and seeds inspired menu will lighten you up from the inside out! Many people are obsessed with their handcrafted artisanal breads & freshly slow-pressed fruit juices. How about you? Location: Arrivals Hall B, Level 5, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport Opening hours: 07:00 - 23:00

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香港航空首架空中巴士A350 XWB客機今日抵達香港國際機場喇!另外港航嘅新貴賓室亦喺同日開幕,一齊帶大家近距離睇睇!🎉 Hong Kong Airlines' first Airbus A350 XWB arrived HKIA today! The airline also opened a new VIP lounge today, let's take a closer look! 🎉 圖片來源/Photo credits: Hong Kong Airlines / Airbus / Donald Leung

機場新開幕嘅生活概念店 HOMELESS.hk為你搜羅世界各地精品,記住出發前早啲到機場,發掘各種品味元素! 地址: 香港國際機場一號客運大樓離港層7樓 營業時間: 07:00 - 23:00 We’ve just brought in another popular lifestyle concept store Homeless > HKG to Hong Kong International Airport. Take some time to explore their quirky collection before you get onboard ;-) Store location: L7, Departures Level, Terminal 1 Opening time: 07:00 - 23:00

提提你,而家喺香港國際機場買嘢有得免費送貨架!送貨範圍除咗全港18區之外仲有中國內地、澳門、台灣、日本、南韓同多個東南亞國家*!買完嘢,揮一揮衣袖,不帶走一片雲彩咪就係咁解囉! 詳情: *服務受條款約束 Enjoy the free delivery service when you shop at Hong Kong International Airport! Apart from Hong Kong, the service also covers Mainland China, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and other Southeast Asian countries*. That’s what we call hassle-free shopping experience! Learn more: *Terms & conditions applied

日落加飛機,咁嘅景色真係perfect池!❤️ ✈️ 🌤 Beautiful sunsets and airplanes, what can be more perfect than this? ❤️ ✈️ 🌤 #magichour #hkairport #landing #cinemagraph

【告別空中女王】長榮航空747-400客機已經喺今朝早由香港國際機場離港飛往台北,正式退役。 The last 747-400 passenger flight of Eva Air (BR892) departs from HKIA to Taoyuan this morning, putting an end to the long service of this legendary model.

機場打卡位又多一個!Aeroflot俄羅斯航空今個月喺機場舉行展覽,比大家感受吓歐洲既魅力。以下展覽中呢個景點你又認唔認得出係咩? 展覽日期: 即日起至8月30日 地址: 香港國際機場一號客運大樓離港層6樓 (近Chanel) Now you got a chance to “visit” Europe! The Russian airlines, Aeroflot, is now holding an exhibition in Hong Kong International Airport to showcase the charm of Europe. Do you know what the architecture in the picture is? Exhibition: From now on to 30 August 2017 Location: L6, Departures Level, Terminal 1 (near Chanel shop)

繼續玩盡夏日!出發前嚟香港國際機場同DFS合辦嘅攤位玩小遊戲贏大獎,帶走Apple watch, ipad等獎品 #其實唔難!喺DFS同機場其他商店購物滿$200 仲送你透心涼Mövenpick雪糕,仲唔快啲嚟玩? 活動日期: 即日起至8月28日 地點: 一號客運大樓第六層離港層 (禁區範圍,近Cartier) Summer fun never ends! Come to the game booth jointly-organized by HKIA and DFS for a chance to bring home an Apple watch, ipad and other attractive prizes. Spend over $200 at DFS and other shops in HKIA to enjoy a Mövenpick ice-cream in this hot summer! Are you ready? Event date: From now on to 28 August 2017 Venue: L6 Departures, Terminal 1 (Restricted area, near Cartier)

坐落香港國際機場嘅 #超級一號貨站 係全球最大嘅單一多層式航空貨運站,究竟佢內裏有咩乾坤?🧐✈️✈️✈️ #hactl #空運 #貨運站 #物流 #朝捕晚嚐

Let's take a closer look at the operations of Super Terminal 1 at the world's busiest cargo airport 📦✈️ #HACTL #superterminal1 #airfreight #aircargo #specialcargo #hongkongairport #hkairportphotos

睇住啲雲好慢咁移動,加埋架飛機,感覺真係好治癒啊~☁️ ✈️ Nothing beats the serenity of watching clouds and airplanes move in the sky. ☁️ ✈️

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