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Trackr Urban Workshop

Room 1512, 15/F, Harry Industrial Building, 49-51 Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan, N.T., Hong Kong, Fo Tan, Hong Kong



You Ride, We Fix. Trackr 是追尋,是尋找。
追尋更優質的單車生活與態度, 尋找更多熱愛單車的朋友一起去到更多更遠的地方,令大家車跡踏遍世界每個角落。

我們亦致力發掘更多新選擇給大家,令更多人可以找到他們心目中的單車, 從而令單車融入更多人的生活之中。

Trackr is to pursue
                     to look for……
to pursue a better quality of bicycling life and attitude;
to look for more friends who enjoy and love biking and to venture to distant places.

We aim to travel to every corner of the world. It is also our target to introduce more choice of various types of bicycles.

So that everyone of us can have his/her dream bike. We hope to increase the presence of cycling in people's lives.