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Ignite Market Communication Limited

CEO Tower, 77 Wing Hong Street,, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong
Event planning/event services



憑創意 • 以經驗 為各大商品企業以及政府機構提供創新、高效、專業可靠的活動策劃統籌及品牌推廣計劃,主要業務包括:品牌推資服務/設計、製作舞台管理、大型展覽項目、市場策劃產品代理、跨媒體廣告設計、贊助邀請、公關媒體傳訊等。

Company Concept:
Ignite Market Communication Limited is established for providing high quality event planning and brand promotional activities for different educational, business and governmental organizations. We hope to imply more creative ideas to our events, and use our experiences to offer services with high effectiveness and efficiency. Our business categories include stage management, different scales of exhibitions, various kinds and nature of advertisements, the invitation of sponsorship, and public relation services, etc.

We are confident that we could help you to achieve your business goals with your budget(small to large scale) but far beyond your expectation.