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Mitchell Consulting

Adolph-Kolping-Platz 5 , Landstuhl, Germany
Consulting/business services



While the needs of our customers have led us to branch out and offer many services, Financing and Mortgages are what Mitchell Consulting was founded on. Mitchell Consulting was founded with one goal in mind:

To provide our customers in Germany assistance with home purchases, building, financing, ownership, management and sales while ensuring that the customer’s needs both short and long term remain the top priority.

Everyone at Mitchell Consulting takes pride in helping to secure your financial future.  The entire Mitchell Consulting Team from our direct employees, the banks we work with all the way to our handymen and tax advisors have been selected based on their desire to meet this goal with us.

A home could very well be the largest single purchase you ever make and when managed properly we know that this process can be the best investment of your life. We look forward to working with you to ensure that your investment is profitable and secure.



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