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Music is there for you. Behdad Nejatbakhshe, best known as UPPERMOST, is a French independent electronic music producer based in Paris. Shaped by the French Touch since a very young age, he crafts each of his compositions with the will to bring instinctive emotion in the spotlight.

In addition to releasing music via his own independent label UPPWIND, Uppermost has released music through labels such as Sony and Ministry Of Sound and done official remixes for Dada Life and Lemaitre. His hit tracks “Flashback“ and “Beautiful Light“ have already generated more than 27 Million combined streams across platforms. In 2015 Mercedes-Benz selected Uppermost single “Disco Kids” to be featured in their Formula One advertising campaign.

Coming out February 2017 the 23-track career-spanning collection LP Origins (2011-2016) is Uppermost’s first full-length release since 2014’s Evolution. It follows 2015’s New Moon EP and 2016’s Impact EP.

Recorded in Paris between 2011 and 2016, the ambitious 23-track collection celebrates the Parisian producer’s early career through today, showcasing his deft french-wave touch, liquid disco grooves, and penchant for molten guitar funk.

The 27-year-old musician weaves in and out of genres throughout the album’s 100-minute runtime, seamlessly transitioning between atmospheric and ambient, deep soulful house, and driving rhythms punctuated by pulsating bass, all while staying true to his French House roots.


Yay!! My new single 'Slide' ft. Yudimah just entered Spotify's Fresh Touch playlist. Step by Step (ft. Sôra) is in there too! 😘

New single "SLIDE" ft. Yudimah is out now! Props to FGUK for the support 👊💥

NEW SINGLE IS OUT! 🙌 Listen to "Slide" now on FGUK Magazine. No compromise, no bullshit: only the truth.

America, here I finally come! You guys have been so supportive since the beginning, thanks for believing in me ❤️ US booking:

Starting 2018 with a lot of good energy. 🎶 Big thanks to MDMA Radio for hosting the live sesh! Hope you'll like it ❤️

New live session coming out tomorrow 😊 📸 Pierrick Campoy Amador

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If there are pains you can’t express to anyone, if you live with dark times in your life that no one could ever understand, if sometimes it becomes too hard to fight, remember that my music will always be there for you.

You guys told me which less-known tracks of mine you preferred, here they are in this new Chill Mix :)

Yay! "Step by Step" is now on Deezer's official "Electronic Radar" playlist 🙏😁


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